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Welcome to ShoeTiles!!

Whether you run to get back or to keep in shape, to race short or long distances, to raise money for a cause or just because you like it – choosing the right running shoe can make your running experience a joyful, rewarding one. On the other side, choosing the wrong shoe can introduce you to a whole new galaxy of pain, blisters and injuries.

Your unique physical characteristics, from gender to body weight, from the shape of your foot to the bio-mechanics of your running gait together with the distances and surfaces you run on – all require different help from your footwear to support you, protect you and make you run at your best.

Sports companies are constantly developing new shoes and new technologies to help you run at your best. Information though can be overwhelming and misleading.

The purpose of this blog is to help both the novice and the experienced runner find their way to the best running shoe for their needs, by reviewing the latest offering from sports companies and giving clear and simple explanations of the characteristics and technologies of the shoes, as well as tips and advice on how to pick the right shoe for you!

Who are we?

Athletic footwear industry professionals, with myriad experience. Nearly a decade, if you fond of numbers.  Our work history revolves around footwear sales, manufacturing, product line management, designing/coloring/product creation, athlete wear-testing, product photography for catalogs, footwear research and development, managing brand P&L responsibilities/strategies, starting up new brands or product categories.

And oh, we are alumni’s from IITs, IIMs, IIITs and other top tier colleges. Frankly, it’s hard to mix laziness or craziness with shoe reviews, but writing all those long essays in college has helped build patience while crafting reviews.

And most important we love to run for fun.

So why leave all that and start ShoeTiles?

Because there aren’t simply good shoe review sites out there. Currently only two types of shoe review sites exist on the internet. The first is more common, just re-purposing brand press releases and photographs and presenting them as reviews. The second are individual blogger websites who have good quality, honest reviews, but somehow lacking in a methodical approach towards writing and publishing reviews. But there’s one thing in common across both categories; no site on the internet focuses 100% on shoe reviews.

So, we thought, why not have a website which does ONLY shoe reviews so that there’s clarity of purpose. We are NOT a blog with frequent news and press releases. We just do detailed reviews of shoes and run a lot.


  • Our reviews are independent. We don’t get paid to review shoes and nobody has any saying on the content/ratings except for us.
  • On review pages you will find price comparison and links to buy in online stores. And, if you buy from these stores, we didn’t get paid or any commission for that.

The advice given on this website does not constitute or replaces medical advice. Please consult with a doctor before starting any exercise or nutrition plan. Run safe!

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