3 Great Ways To Tie Your Laces For Running

Running is not just an exercise, its a passion, a feeling, a determination, a mission and much more. Every runner has its own perspective for running but do you ever thought how shoe lace impact your overall running experience. Thus, here are 3 great ways to tie your shoe lace in order to enhance your running experience:

1st Method: Lydiard Lacing ((also known as “straight bar lacing” or “parallel lacing”)

Try this: if the top of your shoes feel tight or bind.

• Begin straight across on the outside and go in through the bottom eyelet.

• The left lace end runs straight up on the inside, and then goes straight across on the outside.

• Both lace ends run straight up the inside, each skipping an eyelet.

• Both lace ends continue straight across on the outside and in through the adjacent eyelets.

• Alternate until lacing is completed.

2nd Method: Gap Lacing (also known as a variation of crisscross lacing)

Try this: to accommodate high arches and wider feet.

• Begin straight across on the inside and out through the bottom eyelets.

• Use crisscross lacing until just below the area that needs more room.

• Run lace ends straight up the sides to the next higher set of eyelets, creating the gap.

• Continue with crisscross lacing above the sensitive zone.

3rd Method: Loop Lacing Lock (also known as “runner’s tie” when used as a high lock)


Try this: to minimize heel slippage.

• Lace to the second eyelet from the top using your preferred method.

• Run lace ends straight up on the outside and in through top eyelet.

• Cross lace ends, and then pass them under the opposing vertical section.

• Tying the laces pulls the vertical sections inward for increased foot security.



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