6 Tips for Buying Best Running Shoes

best running shoes

With advent of technology and increase in competition, manufacturers comes up with brand new running shoes every day to keep us fit and healthy. These impeccable running shoes (as boasted by every brand) tries to impress us by their unique design, advance technology, and user friendly experience. On the contrary, most of us got confused between all these vibrant pair of skins that helps us in walking, roaming and running, so here are six quick tips to keep in mind while buying best running shoes:

1. Shop at Smaller Stores
Major department chains can’t always answer your specific needs, so look for smaller specialty stores like Nike, Adidas, or your local running store. These shops have a knowledgeable staff to help you pick the right shoes for your running routine.

2. Think About the Length and Width
Your feet need some breathing room as you run, so get a size that’s half an inch longer than what you normally wear. If running shoes tend to irritate the sides of your feet, then try a different width—brands like New Balance or Saucony come in a wide range of widths.

3. Give Them a Test Run
Just like you wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a spin, the same goes for running shoes. Ask a store clerk if you can take a lap around the store or step outside for a test run. It’s the only way you’ll truly know if a shoe works for you.

4. Buy Extras
When new shoe models comes out every few months, it can be a huge pain to go through the hunt again. We recommends buying more than one pair at a time. This way you’ll know exactly what shoe works for your body.  You can also wait to stock up until the next model comes out, because the pair you have might be on sale at that point.

5. Don’t Assume Your Size
Always re-measure your foot and try on a shoe because no two shoes will fit you the same way. Your size 7 Pumas might fit perfectly, but you might be a 7.5 in Reebok.

6. Don’t Believe Gimmicks
If this study proves anything, it’s that “special features” in shoes don’t necessarily lead to better, injury-free performances. Unless a doctor recommends something like gel inserts, stick with the basic—and affordable—option.

Finally, now you can pick the best for you and can have fun & run in the sun. Happy Running!


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