Holding the supremacy in the sportswear & sports accessories segment since 1949, Adidas has spread its fan-base across 160+ countries. There is the staff of over 60,000 people to manage the worldwide production and sales units of Adidas with immense competence. Per year sales turnover of this company has crossed whopping € 19 billion, which is good enough for anyone to skip a heartbeat.

Adidas is a complex organization- this is an undeniable fact. But simplicity and swiftness are what better define this company. Adidas has a sheer love for sports which is unmatched by any other sports brand. It has accomplished the mission of being the largest sports brand across the world. Every Adidas product is rooted in sports. For achieving the benchmark in the industry, Adidas has earned “The Badge of Sport”.

Adidas has showcased a wide range of sportswear & accessories, especially the sports shoes in a million of designs, styles, and patterns. The robustness of a perfect blend with a trendy look is the USP of Adidas products. Adidas simply means something overtly stylish for a longer time. This is the reason why the world’s best athletes, teams and events recommend only one name… Adidas.