Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 6 Shoe Review

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  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Good traction
  • stable


  • Price is a bit much higher

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The all new Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 6 is a new running shoe for summer with enough cushioning and grip to make your ride more enjoyable. The overall body of these shoes is built with accurate measurements and highly functional design to give a compelling journey. Its boost™ midsole is meant to provide you a shock-free ride by absorbing all the high shock that can cause damage to your feet.


This midsole helps to bounce back the feet by absorbing the shock and changing it to energy to bounce back. Its newly modified TORSION® SYSTEM present in the outsole helps to rotate the feet a naturally. It also stabilizes the feet. The upper used for this shoe provides you with a second skin of yours.


The uppers have an excellent breathability function which keeps your feet fresh all the way long. The outsole of these shoes is prepared with the two type of rubbers which gives strength to the outsole of the shoe.


The heel area of the outsole is made with the Adidas’ AdiWear rubber which provides durability to the sole. This material is of high quality. The area around the front foot is made with Continental rubber which is designed by the other company collaborated with Adidas.


This rubber provides stability to the sole of the shoe. Both the rubber have lightweight and very good grip.  The heel is more bouncy and powerful because of the two rubbers. The outsole gives many grips even on the slippery and smooth surface. The two rubber makes the outsole long lasting.


The midsole is like a body holding device for a shoe. The midsole of a shoe should be very powerful and strong. The midsole of these shoes has a technology known as Boost technology which is a famous and effective technology.


The material from which the midsole is prepared is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) pellets which are very strong and durable.  This material is temperature resistance that means it will not become hard in the cold or will not over a stretch in summers. The boost foam with the boost technology helps to absorb much shock from the feet and protect the wearer feet from any injury.


This foam is preferred over the EVA foam because of its cushioning and shock absorbing techniques. The sockliner present on the midsole is removable as well is cushioned to provide more cushioning. The Torsion System present on the midfoot area helps as being a protective plate to thermoplastic.this plate helps to move all the components of shoe independently of each other.


This makes the pressure and tension on the mid or central foot area. This plate also supports the arch and help to create long steps easily. The breathability of this shoe is tremendous. This shoe has a lot of breathability functionality. The uppers of this shoe have much breathability in it.


The material used of the upper is having many perforations in it. Even though there are Adidas air stripes, but they don’t block the circulation of the air from inside to outside. The distribution of air keeps the foot dry and fresh all the time.


The durability of these adidas boston boost 6 shoes is excellent. A runner can run up to 500 miles from these shoes. The outsole made from continental rubber gives much durability to the shoe. This rubber is a very high quality which is used for the truck.


The material is temperature resistant which means it won’t get away with any change in temperature. The upper used for the shoe increases the life of this shoe up to the greater extent. There is much protection used for the shoe.


The outsole and midsole are made powerful so that it can combat any dangerous situation easily. There are many paddings provided to the feet which keeps it safe from any hard surface.


A small flap from the outsole protects from unexpected toe stubs. The shoes are very flexible. The flexibility is the important factor which is denied in most of the shoe. This results in less life of a shoe. Flexibility prevents the shoe from any crack and damage. The midsole of the shoe is little cushioned which gives a bouncy feeling to shoe providing flexibility.


The flex grooves are present on the outsole which provide a lot of flexibility to the shoe. The shoe can bend easily because of the space called flex grooves are present on the surface of the outsole.

Design Feature


Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 6 is very modernly designed and look trendy. The shoes come in dark color having contrasting shade on it. It has a three-strip company,s logo which gives it an authentic look. These shoes come in dark color with a contrasting color mixed with it.midsole and the outsole is kept plain because of the dark colors.


The uppers of these shoes are made for different materials for women and men. Women model has knitted fabric.  The men series features mesh-like net material. Both the upper gives the best breathability to the feet. They don’t irritate the skin and keep it safe all the time.


These boston boost 6 are engineered to stretch and adapt the body of feet of the wearer. There is an inner mesh inserted which is known as a cool ever mesh. This mesh has a good moisturizing quality which keeps the feet fresh, dry and cool every time.


Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The heel to the transition of this adidas shoe is perfect. The stack height of this is 29mm in the heel and 19mm present in the forefoot. This results in 10mm drop height. Thi shoe has a cushioned heel strike that lowers any risk of injury while running either very fast or on any hard surface. Due to the foamy midsole and flexible outsole, the shoe feels like bouncy and keeps the ride comfortable.


The boost technology makes it possible to feel like walking barefooted on any surface and feeling like all natural.

Fittings Feature


Stability of this adidas boston shoe is something to admire about. Adidas has provided every way in which the shoe can be stable up to a lot of extents. The Torsion System present in the shoe hell to move shoe’s every part to move independently. The forefoot moves on it own while the back foot also runs on its own.


By this, there is no pressure on midfoot and ensures the stability to the shoe. The thickness of midsole is kept thin that is only 19mm which keeps the foot lower in contact with the ground. This will bring enough amount of stability to the shoe.

The heel counter is of the length of only 10 mm which very low and helps in maintaining stability. The upper is engineered in the way that provides good stability to the shoe by wrapping the shoe whole around and keep the structure in its place. The material is also can be stretched which adapt the shape and movement of the feet. This ensures greats stability.


Package Feature


The fitting factor of this shoe is maintained by the mesh that is used for the construction of the upper body. The mesh used here is engineered and modified to protect the foot of the wearer in every possible way. With this material has a quality of stretching itself and adapting the size and shape of the feet.


The lace closure system present on this adidas boston boost shoe helps to keep the shoe secure and help to fits properly.

Cushioning Feature


For both the varieties, there is a different type of material used for the upper body. For women, the knitted fabric is used while for men net-like mesh is used. Both have a good breathability quality. The outsole and midsole used here are made with two rubber. One is continental rubber, and other is Adiwear rubber.


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Grip Features


The Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 6 is very comfortable. The boost foam used here is having its boost technology in it. This technology provides a very cushiony ride to the wearer. There is a good amount of cushioning provided to the area around the heel to give a comfortable and bouncy landing. Because fo this grip of the shoe is increased.


To control the speed and performance while running, there is less amount of cushioning provided at the front foot area. By this wearer can feel the road and can control their performance.


However, cushioning can bring sweat to the feet. To keep this away, the upper material has a cool ever mesh lining inside it. This keeps the feet fresh and cool and circulates the air inside out.

The tongue and the ankle area is cushioned enough to keep the irritation and abrasion away.


Grip Features


The grip of the shoe is provided by the outsole quality. The outsole of this shoe is prepared with two different type of rubbers. Both the rubbers play their role to keep the shoe stable and offer a lot of grips. One rubber is of the continental company which makes the truck tire. This rubber provides a lot of grip to the shoes.


The second rubber is made with the Adiwear rubber. This rubber is of high-quality material. This rubber provides durability to the outsole. The flex grooves present on the surface of outsole gives a good amount of flexibility. This gives stability to the shoe.


Weight Features


The weight of this shoe is very light. For women, it is only 7.5 oz, and for men, it is 8.8 oz. This is because of the lightweight material used for the shoe. The upper mesh used is very lightweight and hardly weighs. The rubber used for outsole and midsole is also light weighted.

Stability Features


The Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 6 is worth buying. The midsole and outsole are having perfect combinations of two rubber which give stability and grip and flexibility to the shoe. The upper of this adidas boston 6 shoes are engineering in a very modified way to give a good amount of breathability and comfortability. The heel is kept to low to stabilize the foot.

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