Adidas Adizero Takumi-Sen 3

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  • These shoes are kept light weighed, and this makes a smooth ride experience.
  • The style of the shoe is attractive and makes fashion trendy.
  • The midsole is provided with three types of rubber to give complete stability.
  • The gel cushioning is proposed into the heel area to give soft and comfortable experience.
  • Highly breathable and flexible


  • Not waterproof because of the increase of pores into the mesh of upper body.
  • The heel area is not as stable as expected

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Adidas is the Rockstar company which produces high-quality sports equipment. It is a place for sports geek who gets crazy for new sports equipment. The article is about there one of the running shoes which is having everything with accuracy and perfection. Whether it is stability, cushioning or responsiveness, you will get everything to be found in these shoes. Go on and read the whole Adidas Adizero Takumi sen 3 review article to give your running shoe list a new name.


The all new Adidas Adizero Takumi-Sen 3 is a new racing shoe which makes you flatter with its extraordinary qualities. This shoe is a complete package of immediate responsiveness, durability, and is light in its weight. Specially designed for those who cannot resist any marathon race. Designed with a fundamental structure that fits appropriately according to your foot. You can enjoy your comfortable and smooth ride with these shoes.  The outsole and the midsole are modified to gives you a journey that is beyond your expectations.



The outsole of this shoe is modified by using a different kind of rubber combinations. The outsole is prepared with a combination of continental rubber, Quick strike rubber, and carbon rubber. The carbon rubber is located in the heel area which makes it durable and flexible. Because of the quick strike rubber, it is possible to prevent any wear and tear of the outsole that happens very quickly in a single ricketier classic Adi wear material rubber is used at the place of rearfoot which helps to increase the durability of the outsole.The continental rubber helps to create good traction into the outsole. This rubber also makes it easy to have natural motions and make less effort while running.The quick strike rubber is placed from forefoot to the midsole to protect any wear and tear of the sole.


The midsole is the primary thing which provides stability and flexibility which protects the shoe from any problem. In these shoes, the midsole used is lighter weighted, cushiony and flexible with excellent durability. In the forefoot area, Adidas Boost technology is installed which is the ideal and leading technology of Adidas. The boost technology is like an energy ball which helps in making a lot of cushioning and makes it comfortable for you to run in those shoes. They have modified the midsole by adding more technologies. They have attached Light strike EVA and there new adiLite technology into the midsole. Because of these technologies, the midsole is durable, flexible, highly cushioned and have the high level of responsiveness.


For covering the structure of shoe and making an upper body, they have used an imported mesh from the foreign country. They have used an engineered Teijin Japanese mesh which read the mechanism and shape of your foot. Moreover, then it adapts itself according to your foot structure. The mesh is extremely breathable and durable. Inside the mesh, a thin layer of sock liner is installed. This sock liner helps to hold the foot from inside and makes it stable.  Moreover, it is provided with the great cushion which helps to make your experience comfortable. The mesh material is stretchy and seamless which holds the shoe structure and makes it more flexible.


If you think that buying a shoe without breathability causes no impact on the shoe and your foot, then you should think about it again.


Breathability is the entire important issue when you buy a shoe. The Teijin a Japanese mesh used in the upper is thin, durable and have large pores compared to a regular mesh in it.


It is engineered in a way to provide you with lots of breathable air and lets the foot dry. Large pores in the mesh make it easy for air to get inside the foot and regulates fresh air to the foot.


However, because of the large pores makes it less waterproof and resistant. And this is the most significant disadvantage that is faced by these shoes.


Moreover, it has a sock liner installed inside the shoe which makes it possible to regulate air inside the shoe and keeps the foot dry and fresh.


If the weather is dry or its winter you can run as long and as fast as you want but be aware of wet climate.

Design Feature


When it comes to Adidas, you can create a lot of hopes from them, and they won’t disappoint you at all. Even if they are racing shoes, they are very trendy and fashionable.

  • The outsole of these shoes is kept flat which makes it look in close contact with the ground.
  • The color verities available in these shoes are Shock Green, Blue, Black, Ray Pink, Core, Black and Solar Red.
  • The colors are not very bright which makes them dirty very fast and you have to clean them often.


Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The heel to toe transition of this shoe is 6mm for both the gender categories. The stack height of these shoes is 23mm which is great for stability. Because of minimum heel height, the shoe seems to be flat.


Fittings Feature


Stability is like an underground pillar which holds a building and balances them. Without this, you will be prone to fall and get embarrassed. For racing shoe, stability must be high.

  • The torsion system of the midsole helps to gain stability and balances your foot.
  • The midsole is made from TPU material which is known for its high stability level. The TPU material is also installed in front foot and rear foot to give cushioning and support.
  • But if we come to the heel area, it is not as stable as other shoes of Adidas.

Package Feature


Fitting of this shoe is excellent. This is possible only because of the seamless material used in these shoes.

  • The upper of these shoes is covered with an engineered mesh which seamless that is without any joint. This helps to hold the structure from outside firmly and increases the flexibility.
  • Lacing system joint from the upper allows the customized fit that is you can tighten and loosen the shoes according to the comfort of your foot.


Cushioning Feature


The materials used for these shoes are exceptional.

  • The outsole is made from three different rubbers which are light in its weight.
  • The mesh used is imported from Japan which is engineered to provide excellent breathability.
  • The midsole is made from TPU which light and durable.


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Grip Features


The shoe is great for cushioning. A lot of technologies makes a right amount of cushioning to give an enjoyable experience.

  • The sock liners are equipped with great cushioning while it holds the foot it comforts you.
  • In the midsole adiLite and Light strike, EVA technologies are used.
  • They provide a right amount of cushioning and support at the same time.
  • Cushioning used here is light in weights and has a grippy texture which makes your foot at its place.

The carbon rubber used in the midsole is also cushiony and flexible.

Grip Features


Traction is the main thing in racing shoe, without this you cannot run for even a one-mile race.

  • The outsole has a combination of three rubbers out of which one is continental rubber.
  • This rubber provides ultimate grip in any weather conditions. It grips the shoe while balancing the whole body to stabilize it.
  • The other rubber is quick strike rubber. The holds the outsole and midsole all together and gives grip to the foot from the inside.
  • The rubber has some outcoming structures at the base of the shoe. The shoe holds the surface firmly only because of this.
  • The flex grooves present at the shoe makes it flexible and stretchable. This factor helps you to adapt to the motion of your feet.
  • The inner groves on the outsole makes more grip and texture. By this, there is more grip to the surface whether it is wet or dry or even icy.



Weight Features


The weight of this shoe is light. There is a different weight for different gender category.

  • For men, it is 7.4 ounces weight while is light from another shoe.
  • And for women, it weighs 6.1 ounce which is also light.
  • That is why they are best suited for run or marathon because it doesn’t impact your ride.
  • Even with the cushioning the shoe is light as it can be and is best for running.

Stability Features


The Adidas Adizero Takumi-Sen 3 is a complete package of the phenomenal shoe. The shoe is enough cushioned, greatly designed and full of efficiency. The shoe comes in standard colors and different tongue.

The stability provided is incredible while traction is up to a point. Weight is minimal. Overall the shoe is excellent and can be trusted enough.

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