Adidas Supernova Glide 9 – Best Adidas shoes for men/women


  • Great traction in any condition
  • Engineered mesh-like material to provide more breathability
  • Great cushioning because of more boost technology provided to the shoes


  • Heavy

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The all new Adidas Super Nova is the ninth edition of Adidas which is made by dropping the glide part of the title.


The Supernova has got some newly constructed improvements in it like the added boost, and the material is also redesigned. These supernova men’s neutral running shoes are powered for the world-class runners to victory in the Boston Marathon®. The boots have the features like energy-returning benefits of Boost cushioning running under a durable mesh upper.


While the Quarter panels provide targeted support and the heel counter which is moulded to give a locked-down fit.


After Adidas joined a partnership with Continental Tires made much improvement in the out sole by providing it grip and flexibility. The out-sole of this  supernova shoe has a stretch web pattern on to which the out sole is being fitted. This helps the pump to run on different types of surfaces with the full grip. This structure or model also supports the sole by not letting any piece of rock to get stick with the sole. This helps to improve the life of the shoe and also of the floors.


The natural curves present on the outsole are current for those having the curve in their foot which prevents pain in the foot.


Another improvement is made on the part of the midsole to give a new life to the shoe. There is an extra BOOST material added to the midsole to provide much cushioning and responsive action thus making it comfortable for both men and women.


Boost is a Thermoplastic Polyurethane material which is designed to give these super nova shoes with a shock absorption feature. This helps in increasing the ability of the pump to bounce back to its original shape after being worn for the significant periods of time.


The elasticity of the material remains unchanged for the seasons and the temperature. The article is very robust and never changes its state so quickly.


Talking about the durability of Adidas, the partnership with Continental tires resulted in much success regarding strength. Strength is provided to the outsole to improve the life of outsole of the shoe.

The mesh used here is a bit thinner that gives the shoes with a constant airflow. The only thing that proves to be a bit frightening is the shoe lack of toe guard holding the mesh in place.


The adidas supernova consists of the toe shield inside the shoe which helps to maintain the mesh and fabric of the inside. Again, another plus point of these shoes is that they have used protectors around the eyelets so that they won’t get tear away. Moreover, also, have installed three plastic coatings to provide the shoes with overall durability, preventing tearing of that part of the shoe.


The sole of the shoes is thick compared to other models which help to protect wearers foot from getting any injury. There is an installation of covering plates which allows the heel and heel counter area of the shoe. These plates help to stabilise the shoe form the inside.

The boost technology that has been added to the supernova helped in improving the shoes overall bounce and cushioning system. The boost technology brings the soft feeling to the shoe. The shoes will have felt air-like, the feeling when running or sprinting is a little hard to handle.


The less attractive firm glides are changed with the new smooth and beautiful design. The toe box and heel of the shoe is widened to provide the wearer with more surface to land.

Design Feature


Supernova is simplified by removing the roe covering to make it less complicated.


The glides are improved by making it more attractive and smooth. The engineered mesh is installed on the upper body of the shoe to make it breathable and supportive of many durabilities.


The mesh is engineered to make it durable and sturdy to combat all the tough situations. The glides help to support the external environmental conditions and support the upper body material.


The mesh that is used for the upper body has small perforations to provide more breathability and dry environment.

Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The heel to toe transition of supernova shoe is fantastic. The toe box is made broader to make the shoe more comfortable.


From front to middle, the toe box is widened making shoes wider from the front. This gives a smooth landing to the wearer’s foot. From center to the back the size of the shoe is normal and is of proper fitting.

Fittings Feature


For stability, there is the new addition of torsion® system between the heel and forefoot to provide a stable ride. Thinking of the Torsion System, it acts as a lightweight bridge present between the forefoot and heel.


By this, it supports the midfoot, Torsion System provides a platform which helps to combat all the improper flexing of the arch. This is essential for the protection, fitting, and control during any stunts and movements.


This results in the stable foot while doing any action. This is why the Torsion System is still going strong for over 25 years for its unique setup which provides arch support for running, lateral support for tennis players, and explosive stability for basketball enthusiasts.


The addition of Boost technology to the shoe helps in delivering heel relief, because of its soft nature and rebounding capabilities. This addition also helps in maintaining the body’s shape and also does not cause any effect to the heel are because of its bouncing action.


This technology surrounds the wearer’s foot in soft pillow-like structure.


Package Feature


For the fitting purpose of the shoes, the fit counter moulded heel counter is provided to the shoes which offer a natural fit that allows optimal movement of the foot.


The stretch web rubber that is used for the outsole helps the underfoot for an energised ride thus making it one of the best adidas shoes for men. The continental™ rubber is also installed in the outsole for excellent grip even in wet and dry conditions. The coatings that are applied over the apertures of the shoe helps in supporting by tightening up the area of the shoe. This provides a firm feeling to the shoe.


The extra addition of Boost technology helps to provide cushioning to the shoe which provides a snug and fitted shoe.

Cushioning Feature


The Adidas supernova shoe has the blend of synthetic materials fitted in coordination for the upper body. Its new addition is there is an addition of a mesh-like material which allows more breathability, which is a plus point for all runners alike.


The previous shoes were crafted with outer guards which covered the toe area, while the Supernova has a plate inserted inside of the shoe. The heel of the shoe is covered by a transparent plastic plating that reveals the mesh material.


The previous Glides were fitted with the reflective element on both the stripes and the lip covering the Achilles tendon; whereas the Supernova is only equipped with the material comprising the Adidas stripes.


Grip Features


The boost technology is the key to cushion system of the Adidas shoes. The boost technology is added to the length of the shoe which results in a feel that is comparable to walking on air barefooted.


This is due to the nature of the boost, which provides rebound and shock absorption motion. It helps to absorb any sudden shock vibration from the hard surface and prevent the foot from feeling that shock.


Adidas has also added a space like a thing in front of the shoe’s toe box which allows more room for movement and space for swelling of the foot while in use.


The dual density boost™ cushioning on the medial side provides energised stability for a smooth, responsive ride.

Grip Features


This Adidas shoe has the best traction to offer . The Continental rubber of the outsole together with the stretch web pattern helps the wearer to have the maximum grip at any surface during their stunts performance.


The continental™ rubber outsole is inserted in the shoes for an extraordinary grip even in wet and dry conditions. Although Continental technology rubber is not a new addition to the Adidas shoe, it is an essential rubber to support the glides and outsole of this supernova shoe.


The mixture of both continental rubber and stretch web design covering the outsole of the shoe gives the shoe to perform high friction grip in any condition whether it is dry or wet.


Weight Features


The weight of the shoe is little on the massive range. The Adidas Supernova shoes are Weighing almost 11.5 oz. Moreover, the additional boost gives a little more than weight to the shoe.


Although This added weight doesn’t affect much of the runner’s ability stride-wise, it feels heavy at first few times. So, to perform stunts for final, it is okay if a wearer gets used to these shoes firstly.

Stability Features


The all-new edition of Adidas that is supernova shoes is a great shoe for any runner. The traction of this shoe has a combination of two type of technologies which gives maximum Grip.


There are very fewer chances for a wearer to fall from this shoe at any surface.  The cushioning system of these shoes is modified by adding more of the boost technology.


The engineered mesh-like material provides more breathability and fresh environment every time.