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  • Excellent cushioning and is very comfortable for the person to run even for the longest road.
  • The style and the design are unique and exceptional. They come in a lot of different colors for men and women.
  • The traction is good, and this stability is great.
  • Weight is very light which makes it an impressive shoe amongst all.


  • It is not suitable for those with medium or high arches.
  • It is very unstable for them and can cause little and large problems.
  • The shoe is not much breathable.

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What do you expect of a regular shoe? It should be cushioned, breathable, exceedingly stable and should be flexible. But you always don’t get what you want.


Still, there is a company name as Altra who want a shoe to be perfect and should provide the customer with what they want. Go on with this article about  Altra Escalante’s review and get some positive and negatives about this shoe.


The outsole of Altra Escalante is made similar to the original foot shape. it is a great innovation because it provides excellent stability and traction. Their new Foot Pod system gives stability, responsiveness, and flexibility to the shoe. These also help in increasing the grip of the shoe.


It also increases the grip in the height reign of the shoe.  The thick black rubber present on the outsole gives protection to the midsole and support to the foot. Is also gives extra grip and hold to the surface and makes it easier for you to walk on a slippery surface.


The midsole of the shoe is very innovative and exceptional. It has a lot of features which make it best midsole.


The cushioning provided to the shoe is named as EGO™. It is a dual nature cushioning which makes it a great shoe. The shoe is having to cushion which is highly responsive because it bounces the shoe back. While the other factor is it is very soft and comfortable.


The shoe is having a lot of flex grooves on the midsole. This increases the flexibility of the shoe very much. It has a moon control feature which makes it easy for you to run even for a long period.


The shoe has a mechanism of adapting the shoe according to the motion of the feet which gives a natural feel every time. This provides you with a smooth ride.


The upper of the shoe is made with a highly engineered fabric. The fabric is a knit fabric which is highly flexible and breathable and is comfortable too. There is no joint in the upper and is fixed seamlessly.


The fabric is lightweight and durable. The toe box is widened to make the shoe more comfortable and walkable. The shoe is made of great fabric. It provides you a waterproof quality that lets you walk even in the rain.


The shoe overlay helps to cover the whole structure of the shoe and makes the shoe to have a proper fit. The shoe is covered with a knit fabric which holds the shoe and increases its durability and flexibility.

The fabric is breathable which makes it more comfortable. As all the sweat is dried and the feet feel fresh all the time.


The breathability of these shoes is not that great. The fabric used for the upper body is engineered knit fabric which is lightweight, durable, little breathable and is seamless.


Altra escalante’s shoe is covered with a knit fabric which is waterproof. So it is evident that there will be less space for the air to travel. Still, as it is knitted, they have some space to let the air flow and regulate the moisture. And this is why it is imperative to make it less tight.


But because of its waterproof qualities, it is best for the rainy season and those areas having water.


As it does not collect water in it and drain all of the water out. This avoids any irritation and blisters and makes a smooth ride.

Design Feature


The design of altra escalante is exceptional as compared to other shoes.

  • The knitted upper provides a great look to the shoe which increases the rate of the design.
  • The design is drawn by many artists and made it a successful design.
  • The Escalante River region in Utah provides a tremendous aesthetic feeling and makes it unique in this way.
  • It has an enormous stack height which makes it more attractive as it is not flat and this is the only thing that is important in a shoe. If it is attractive, it is a profitable shoe.
  • Colors it comes in is Gray, Blue, and Red, for men’s running shoe category and the women’s category shoe comes in Magenta, Blue, and Gray.
  • Presented With the classic Altra logo makes it an impressive shoe.


Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

As the shoe has proper stack height, the toe and the heel are at the same distance from each other.

  • The stack height of the shoe is 25mm which is very impressive and preferred by everyone. This also gives the shoe a great look.
  • By this, there is zero drop heel height. And this is the feature which provide the shoe a moon control function. It makes it easy for the foot to move in any direction over any surface.
  • Those with high and medium arches should avoid this shoe as it can cause an issue because there is no heel height, and the shoe is almost flat.
  • They can have a twisting foot, and the shoe will not be stable for them.
  • But those with low arches should go for this shoe as it gives you great stability.


Fittings Feature


The stability of the shoe is attained by the cushion of the shoe.

  • The outsole of the shoe is made in the exact shape of the original foot. This provides excellent stability to the shoe and makes it more enjoyable. As because of this traction is increased.
  • The sockliner inside the shoe holds the foot and not let it go anywhere from its place. The knit fabric holds the shoe and its overall structure which makes it more stable and durable.
  • But at the heel, there is less or no support which makes it little less regarding stability.
  • The stack height, on the other hand, is very stable and thus offer little stability the shoe.

Package Feature


The fiitjgn of the shoe is very great. Fitting increases with the quality of the material.

  • These escalante’s have used an engineered knit fabric which holds the structure from everywhere, and thus it gives a proper fit to the shoe.
  • The lacing system is also perfect and secures the shoe.
  • The sockliner also holds the shoe and does not let the feet slip.


Cushioning Feature


The material used or the shoe is of different qualities. But everything they have used is durable and flexible.

  • The cushioning they have used is light weighed.
  • The midsole they have used is durable and supportive.


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Grip Features


The cushioning of the shoe is impressive and quite comfortable the shoe is.

  • The toe box is widened thus provides more space to foot. Thus those who want extra fitting should buy a shoe half size down. But remember that the breathability is not that good, so you can end up with a sweaty and smelly foot. Moreover, the life of the shoe will be degraded.
  • The upper is a knit fabric which has a natural cushioning in it. While the fabric is flexible and durable. And the shoe is not covered with any seam thus it improves the durability of the shoe.
  • The stack height if the shoe is provided with great cushioning and flexibility. Tis improves the comfortability.
  • While from inside the sock liners are attached with a lot of paddings. This improves the cushioning of the shoe and makes it a no for blisters and irritation.
  • The Altra Ego midsole provides complete cushioning form the base, and thus the shoe is well cushioned. The tongue of the shoe is also padded. These all do not allow blisters to form or irritate the skin.


Grip Features


Traction of altra escalante is not very great, but it still provides the right stable shoe.

  • The black rubber gives a tack height the shoe, and thus there is no drop heel height. The stack provides enough stability to the shoe and is preferred by everyone over those with drop height.
  • The sole is having a foam of the original foot shape and thus it provides stability and traction.
  • The sole has a unique pattern that creates good friction to the ground.


Weight Features


The weight of the shoe is the attractive point in these shoes

  • The weight these shoes carry is 8.2 ounces/232g for men and 6.5 ounces/182g for women. This is decidedly a very less weight.Thus making it one of the best running shoes for men.
  • Even with a lot of cushioning and stack height, the shoe has less weight.
  • This is only possible because of the midsole and the outsole material they chose. The material is light and durable.

Stability Features


The Altra Escalante is an awesome shoe for those who want a good shoe with everything to be present at a reasonable rate. As cushioning is great, the uppers are not very breathable. This makes a negative point for the shoes. But still, a half size up will make a space for the air to regulate.

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