Altra Intuition 3.5


  • Great cushion
  • Zero drop feature for more natural feel
  • Great responsiveness
  • Great design


  • Stability is decreased, but still, midsole manages to stabilize the shoe

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Although this article is all about ladies, my male readers can also get to learn about the care and functions of a lady and her shoe needs. So ladies, yes yourdream shoe is arrived at the station, I mean in the market. And if you want to know about the feature and functions and style, it gives you, go with the article and get an idea of how great The Altra Intuition 3.5 is.


The Altra Intuition 3.5 is a new women shoe which is having great versatile nature for both the road and off-road running. For women, there should be a unique shoe with different shapes and features.


The shoe features a no drop, and that is best for the women feet. The shoe has a narrow and small midfoot and heel with more extended ache and big toe spacing. The Altra Intuition 3.5 provides excellent breathability, responsiveness and cushioning with the help of a lot of functions that make a proper complete shoe. Because of keeping the drop size zero, the cushioning is increased to provide great comfortability. Thus making it one of the best running shoes for women.


The shoe has a technology known as Foot Shape design which makes a natural and original design for the shoe. The upper is very breathable and thus proper regulation of air happens in these shoes and also there is no moisture content in the shoes.


The midsole is made with the EVA foam and Altra’s A-bound which makes sure that there is bouncy back motion with a comfortable ride.


The Altra Intuition 3.5 has installed a rubber having great durability which creates a reliable and robust base for the shoe. The rubber is placed over the different region of the base with some strategy primarily in the areas having high wear and tear.


The shoe uses the technology Foot Pod. It is a creation that uses the mechanics and the movement of the foot. The outsole in these shoes makes sure that the runner experiences a natural like feel.


The flexibility is enhanced from the older edition making it more durable. While the design of these shoes helps in great comfortability. The addition of flex grooves in the outsole is for flexibility. The groves are placed near the places where tendons and bones lie thus making it one of the best shoes for women.


Midsole the Altra Intuition 3.5 midsole is designed with comfort in mind. The shoe uses a Dual Layer EVA that is an upgrade from the previous version. The EVA helps ensure that there are more durability and comfort.


The foam cushioning provides excellent responsiveness. There is an A-Bound layer placed above the EVA foam. This foam is made from the lightweight material to provides excellent cushioning during high impact running or trailing. This layer helps in making sure that there is excellent bouncy back motion in the shoes.



The upper of the Altra Intuition 3.5 is made with mesh material which is placed seamlessly on the shoe construction. The mesh material helps in providing tremendous and enough breathability and regulates the air inside out the shoe.


The mesh also takes out the moisture and quickly dries out the feet and makes it comfortable. Because of the breathability, these shoes can be worn without socks. There is an addition of a Heel Claw which is another layer over the back of the shoe. This helps to secure the heel in its place.


Moreover, their Foot Shape Toe Box makes the forefront fuller. This helps in providing excellent space for the shoe. Hence overall experience will be comfortable for you even in long runs making it best running shoes for women.


The Altra Intuition 3.5 shoe is provided with a tremendous breathable factor. It creates a relaxed and fresh atmosphere for the foot even in the humid areas. Its quick dry open mesh is the material that is used to construct the uppers. This mesh makes sure that the air is regulating correctly.


The mesh material is also known for its moisture sucking properties. By this, the foot is always dry and cool.



These shoes are enough protected by the environment with the help of various features and technologies. The upper is made of the mesh-like material which is strong a durable. It is attached seamlessly to the shoe structure.


The upper of the body helps the protection of the shoe by keeping the dust or any other material way from the shoe. The midsole utilizes it EVA foam cushioning which makes the foot protected during any high shock on the road.


The outsole utilizes its strong rubber material to protect the foot from any high abrasions that can cause injury to the shoe.


These shoes are known as zero drop shoe, but still, it has tremendous and useful responsiveness in it. This is only possible because of the proper and best cushioning which helps you to run for a long time and miles. Their midsole is made from an EVA foam material which provides bouncy back motion, and thus it protects the shoe and the feet.  The A-bound is cushioning ensure great comfortability and provides excellent cushioning.


The foot pod technology present in the shoe’s outsole provides excellent responsiveness and flexibility. Thus, overall the shoe is protected by the midsole of the out sole making it a perfect running shoes for women.

Design Feature


The design of the shoe is made narrow. Thus, it looks like a sleek shoe with great colors. The shoe looked more eye-catching because of its sleek look.

  • The shoe can be used as a casual shoe, and it goes with every outfit.
  • The color they are available in is gorgeous and bright. After the shoes are made for the ladies.


Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The Altra Intuition 3.5 shoe is known as a zero-drop shoe. These are designed to give great contact with the ground.

  • Infect still the shoe feels comfortable even after the zero-drop feature. There will be no effect on your foot, and thus your foot will be protected.
  • It feels like walking barefooted on the ground with a layer of protection it.


Fittings Feature


The shoe is made to feel like barefooted. And thus, they have compromised with the factor called stability. So those with problematic feet, buy them with caution.

  • The shoes mostly support those with high arches.
  • The shoe has a barefooted feeling because of the zero-drop feature which makes excellent contact with the ground. Plus, to make it comfortable, they have added cushioning layer on the midsole area.
  • The outsole is prepared from the durable rubber to make the foot stays at its place.
  • While the flex groves present at the midsole area gives more flexibility.
  • The groves are cut deep at the outsole to provide excellent traction.

Package Feature


  • The uppers installed in these shoes are excellent in providing overall fitting.
  • While the lacing system gives a customizable fit according to the size.
  • It is noted that the original size of the shoe is half size narrow. So, for comfortability at a significant level, go for half size up.


Cushioning Feature


  • The material packaging is excellent.


Grip Features


The shoes have a feature which makes it feel like utterly barefooted with protection and durability

  • That is why they have added comfort paddings but with a feel of natural motions.
  • toe-box is winded to give more space to the foot to relax. It also helps in natural movements of the foot.
  • The shoe size is a little tighter. So, if you want the great grip to go for your original size but if you want a comfortable ride, go for half upsize.
  • The cushioning provides bouncy back feeling and helps to achieve high responsiveness.
  • Its zero-drop also helps to achieve contact with the ground.


Grip Features


These shoes are created for the long road running. Its zero-drop is the feature which helps the shoe to performs excellently on roads. Its outsole is made with the durable rubber which combats any hard components present on the road.

  • The midsole is made with a tough EVA foam material. This material provides excellent cushioning during even during harsh running.
  • The upper is also prepared with the robust material which helps in keeping the dust and pebbles out of the shoes. It also helps in providing excellent breathability.
  • The outsole has a flat design which helps in providing excellent traction and helps to be in contact with the ground.


Weight Features


  • The weight of the Altra Intuition 3.5 shoe is very light. As it is made especially for women, the lightweight shoe is mostly preferred. Its weight is only 6.5 ounces.
  • This ease the running in significant races and also prevents significant injuries.

Stability Features


The Altra Intuition 3.5 shoe is a typical lady shoe with all the qualities a lady needs in its shoe. A great zero drop shoe excellent cushioning excellent responsiveness. It is only possible in Altra shoe to get two opposite things to function together in the same shoe. You will get no heel shoe excellent responsiveness and cushion. Just buy it because it’s worth it.