Altra Torin 3.0

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  • Altra Torin has sufficient cushioning, which is like by the users.
  • These stay the good condition, after long-duration runs also.
  • The latest version of Torin is extremely firmed and holds the foot inside the shoe nicely.
  • Their cushioning system helped the runners to recover fast from their injuries.
  • They give a nice assistant in maintaining the natural running pattern of the foot.
  • The shoe is really comfortable, as reported by almost every user of the shoe.
  • The upper unit of the shoe keeps the foot dry and cool on hot days. As such they help in maintaining a healthy environment.
  • All its users referred its soft feel to be like walking on clouds.





  • Users claimed that they got blisters in their foot and had chafing issues.
  • They have a narrower toe box.
  • It outsole started to come off the shoe after some miles of running.
  • The upper is not satisfactorily breathable and not keeps the foot all the time drier and cooler.
  • The flexibility is also not appreciated by some users.



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Altra Torin is mainly a running shoe and is the basic model of Torin version. They were launched in May 2015.


The shoe provides a sufficient amount of breathability and comfort to the runner. They are a durable road shoe with textures on the exterior of the shoe. These are designed for men who want a commendable shoe for long runs with strong support and flexible soles.


It soles have a highly responsive and soft feeling. They are highly cushioned shoe with a large stalk height, along-side being light-weighted and very responsive.


Altra Torin has a 0 mm drop for heel-to-toe transitions. The weight of the shoe is 238 grams for men’s pair and 184 grams for women’s pair.


The heel height is 28 mm & forefoot height is also 28 mm. The thickness of the men and women both is available as narrow, normal and wide


It has an inactive running shoe and befits true to its size and dimension. It also has a standard length and wide.


The standard widths D for men and B for women are available with this model. It is a semi-curved shape that enhances the natural foot flexure.


The Altra Torin has a FootPod outsole which has forceful gripping feature and fair mobility. The shock alteration is evident and maintains a natural foot motion within the shoe.


It consists of softness and a Foot shaped toe case and a Zero transitioning platform to boost and restore original running ability. It gives a high energy return and has flexible exercise to make the foot movement originally.


The midsole of the Altra Torin is an environment familiar and recycled A-Bound technology that gives a standard combination of underfoot comfort and volatile to impact and accelerate shock during shoe striking the ground.


It has a double layering ethylene vinyl acetate midsole with an authorized component underfoot experiencing the comfortable which is highly strong and subtle against the harsh effects along with a prolonged use.


It contains s 6 millimetre for a figurative Footbed for outer support and cushioning along with allowing it to have a natural curve in the underfoot, therefore it give some comfort to the head of the shoe and its spaces between the foot-pad and toes.


It provides a high level of comfort along with the addition of an Inner Flex toils for a smoother transitioning of the heel and foot strikes. This excellent technology of figurative Footbed helps to successfully achieve a natural movement of the foot.


The vertical and the horizontal flex grooves of the outsole provide flexibility and smooth drill that allows for the natural movement of the foot. It also increases the overall efficiency of the running.


The high-quality rubber strongly protects the shoe against any kind of wear or tears even after heavy or light use. Its strong and powerful mesh and the stitched overplays protect the upper from degradation.


The upper of the shoe has an updated AirMesh that ensures instant cooling and drying of the foot. It helps in maintaining a healthy environment for the user throughout the running, whether short distance or long distance one.


The Strobel Last is attached to the upper of the shoe that delivers a perfect cushioning unit. It also holds the natural shape of the runner’s foot because of its semi-curved and foot-shaped structuring of the shoe.


The lightly padded tongue and collar attached in the shoe gives higher cushioning to the upper section of the foot of the runner. They also help in preventing interior swaying and accidental shoe removals.


A breathable fabric lining in the shoe increases and enhances the air circulation within the foot and the shoe.


It is also tightly inter-linked so its principle is maintained even after wearing it for a heavy run. The upper is stitched with synthetic overlays that provide overall support while protecting the foot from injuries in the coming ways.

Design Feature


Altra Torin has an incredible togetherness of style and quality with varieties of color options and the design being attractive making itself best among trail runners. The Natural Ride System (NRS) construction of the shoe has a no help drop at all from curvature of the foot which is the most special feature in this version.


Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

It constitutes a heel height and fore forward height of 28 mm with a 0 mm heel drop from toe dropping toward toe. It has an A-bound cushioning and a Foot Shape toe box and a Zero drop platform to encourage natural running shoe. It gives a high energy spring and has flexible movement to make the footwork naturally.

Fittings Feature


The shoe basically rely upon having a strong gripping and flexibility containing a Foot Pod outsole along with a high shock attenuation property and is manifest and gives the correct cushioning in the shoe base. The middle section of the Altra Torin is an environment-friendly and recycled A-Bound technology that delivers an ideal togetherness of under-foot comfort and volatile to impact and attenuate shock during shoe landings.


Package Feature


The shoe has a compacted fit for purpose of adding more stability with a neutral running shoe and fits true its size most of the times. It also has a standard length and width and the thickness and diameter of the shoe is available from Altra in all ranges, from standard, wider, slender, thin to a more expanded broader ones. A normal thickening of D and B for men and women respectively is available in a semi-curved shape and structure that increases the natural foot flexure.

Cushioning Feature


The Altra Torin has a Foot Pod outsole which has strong traction properties and nice flexibility. The shock absorption is evident and gives the right amount of cushioning and is built into the shoe. It has a two-layered EVA midsole material authorized an underfoot experience that is comfortable, strong and supple against the potential adverse effects with its continued use.


The shoe also treasures the 6-mm Contour Footbed for additional protection and cushioning. The shoe attains a high level of comfort, as it adds features the Inner Flex grooves for an easy transitioning of the foot from toe-off to landing. This smart technology of Contour Footbed makes the shoe possess the natural movement of the foot.

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Grip Features


The shoe has a store of 6-mm Contour Footbed for extra support, protection and cushioning unit. It step forward along with the natural curvature of the under forward section, therefore it giving out some convenience to the arch of the shoe and the distance between the foot-pad and the toes. The shoe complete a higher range of comfort, as it adds more quality and the Inner Flex grooves for an easy transitioning of the foot from toe-off to landing.

Grip Features


The Altra Torin has a FootPod outsole which has strong traction properties and nice flexibility. The shock attenuating property of the shoe is clear-cut and gives the right amount of breathability and cushioning in the shoe. It has an A-bound cushioning and a FootShape toe box and a 0 mm transition to enhance the natural movement of the shoe.


Weight Features


They have an ultra-lightweight construction is due to the design of its heel counter and the design. The weight of Altra Torin is around 238 gram and 184 gram conventionally for men and women runners.

Stability Features


Altra Torin is a road shoe that has its remarkable impact on runners due to its ultra-high cushioning and its firm grip and traction, both inside and outside the shoe. They have also shoe excellent performance on ascent inclining areas and bitumen surfaces, however on the basis of comments by reviewers; the design of the shoe requires to be improved from its forefoot region.


Altra Torin gives an ample measure of breathability along with support and protection. They comprise a high durability with some patterns and texture of the outer sections and mainly composed for men runners who require intense support and stability during runs with enhances comfort in the soles too. The sole unit have a high responsive nature and comfy feeling with string cushioned base, a higher stalk enlargement and a lighter weight.

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