Asics GEL-Fortitude 7


  • The Asics fortitude 7 have a great cushioning because of the midsole and additional gel system which provide best cushioning.
  • The support of the shoes is very good because of the cushion being provided to the shoe.
  • Great traction


  • Shoes are heavily weighed and greatly impact on the daily activities.
  • Don’t come in a variety of colors and have a very basic style.

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A shoe made with a lot of cushions and the cushioning system will give a sore free foot. Entirely a sore free foot is desired by everyone, and the Asics GEL-Fortitude 7 can fulfill this desire efficiently.After spending almost 9 hours reading reviews from experts and users here is the Asics GEL Fortitude 7 review by shoetiles.


If you are a daily walker and wants to keep yourself fit you must need a right training shoe. However, on a regular basis, you need something which soft and comfortable.


There is a reason behind adding a term gel to this shoe. The company Asics is a very talented brand who always try to keep their customers as happy as possible by creating new products with modified technologies. These shoes are mainly for those runners who want a significant amount cushioning without compromising the other features.


The midsole and the insole are improved in a very fabulous manner without even coming in the notice.


The midsole has a SPEVASPEVA foam which gives a cushioned feel to the feet. While the front and rear foot have a gel cushioning system, which helps to provide you a natural motion.


Talking about outsole, it is the most durable part of the shoe you will ever get to see. The AHAR DuraSponge material used for the outsole is very comfortable and full of soft cushions.


Those with an injury will feel comfortable while wearing these shoes. The effect of the buffer is very durable in this outsole that will take forever to get deformed or damage.


Despite this, there is an addition of DuraSponge rubber which helps to make the outsole and the whole shoe more flexible and durable. While Asics’s Trusstic Guidance Line System helps to divide the weight of the body of the wearer equally to each section of the shoe.


In this way, there is less pressure on a particular area and will have less damage to the shoe. This system also helps to keep the foot to its place and provide stability.


Upper of these shoes is designed in a very engineered manner to get the best out of it. The Comfort Dry Sock liner in the uppers helps to maintain the moisture inside the shoe and keeps the circulation on.


It also helps to hold the feet on to its place thus providing stability. The mesh used for the uppers is very breathable and durable that won’t get tear away easily.


The midsole of these shoes is like a Rockstar who rocks the shoes out. The SPEVA foam used for making the midsole is a very comfy and durable material. The aim of using this foam is to provide excellent cushioning and excellent stability.


The foam is placed in the midsole which holds the feet from the middle zone. While there is an addition of a gel cushioning system in the rearfoot and forefoot which provides extra cushioning and stability to the feet.


Both the orders are placed in a very planned way which gives the best of them. The way they have been placed helps to provide maximum support and cushioning to the feet.


This asics gel fortitude shoe is very durable and robust form the inside. The AHAR rubber used for the outsole is very durable and long lasting. While the SPEVASPEVA foam used for the midsole is used because of its durability and does not deform easily.


The upper body is made from mesh which is engineered and modified to become durable and robust. With being breathable, they are strong enough to protect the feet from outside.


Breathability of the asics gel fortitude is an essential feature to keep in mind. Because without this feature your shoe won’t last long and will cause infections to your feet. The mesh used for making uppers is very breathable because of its modifications.


While the comfort dry sock liner helps to regulate the fresh air inside out and manages the moisture inside the shoe. The flexibility of asics gel fortitude 7 shoes is outstanding.


The AHAR rubber used for the outsole is very much flexible and supportive with good grip. The gel system and the midsole foam give great flexibility to the shoes.

Design Feature


If we talk about the design of the Gel Fortitude 7, it is a fundamental style with good functions. You won’t get a look of a fashionable geek, but by comfort and functioning, it is perfect.

  • Color variety is less, and there are no bright colors. Only black, white are the tones.
  • Because of the high cushions in the midsole, it looks little weird.
  • It has Basic style, there are no modifications and don’t look trendy.


Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The heel to toe transition of these shoes is of standard size that comes in market.

  • It has a heel drop of 10mm and is cushioned very well.
  • The height of the heel of these shoes is 22mm while the forefoot heel height is 12mm.


Fittings Feature


The stability is the most crucial thing in a shoe. It is the feature on which wearer relies and wants to have its hundred percent participation in the shoes. These asics gel fortitude 7 have a great system which keeps a check on stability and prevents it from getting damaged.

  • The trusstic Guidance Line present in the outsole helps to distribute the weight to different sections so that there will be less pressure to a single area of the sole.
  • The midsole of this shoe is prepared with SPEVA foam which is very durable, comfortable and stable. It gives shoes the highest level of cushioning while gives excellent stability.
  • Along with a supportive midsole, the shoe has additional forefoot and rearfoot Gel Cushioning System which provides support to the foot. The way these both are placed helps to provide maximum stability and support to the foot.
  • The upper of these shoes have an excellent secure fit which stabilizes the foot. While the Comfort Dry Sock liner inside the shoe helps to grip the foot.


Package Feature


Fitting is another point that is noticed and comes in concern while buying a shoe. Without a secure fit, nobody can even walk in that shoe.

  • It had a good secure and fitted lacing closure system with metal eyelets. The eyelets help to grip the laces.
  • Inside the shoe, there is Comfort Dry Sock liner which helps to hold the foot up to its place while providing some cushioning to the whole body. Because of this foot stays in place and does not experience any discomfort.

Cushioning Feature


The material from which shoes are made is of excellent quality and have a lightweight.

  • For uppers, they have used a mesh which is durable, breathable and light weighed. This helps to keep the feet fresh and protect it from the external environment.
  • The midsole is made from the SPEVA foam which gives enormous cushioning and support to the feet. Besides this, the additional gel system made from the silicon gels which deforms and reforms very easily.
  • The outsole is made from the AHAR rubber which gives very good grip and very stable sole to the shoe.


Grip Features


The comfortability of these asics gel fortitude 7 shoes is very appreciable. The shoe name is mainly based on the cushioning system. So, you can guess how good the cushioning system will.

  • Th gel cushion system in the forefoot and rearfoot gives very good cushioning to the feet and supports them.
  • While the midsole of these shoes is made of SPEVA foam which is very well cushioned foam and gives a comfortable experience and stability.
  • The shoe is mainly designed for the old age people because of their sensitive feet, but it can be used by anyone.


Grip Features


The traction or the grip is the basic feature of any shoe, and that is why it gets modified day by day. The shoes have a great grip on high stability.

  • It can be used for running on different planes like rock, and they won’t disappoint you in any way.
  • The AHAR rubber used in the outsole provides very good hold to the ground while also stabilize the feet.


Weight Features


The weight of the shoe is the thing that can downgrade a shoe and can upgrade a shoe very easily. Heavy shoes are not preferred as much as the light shoe is preferred. Light weighed shoes make it easy for the runner or a walker to perform their activities. While heavy weighed shoe makes it difficult for the people.

  • The weight of the shoe is on a heavy side because of the extra cushioning system provided to the shoes.
  • The weight of the shoe is 12.2 ounces which is heavy and can be mainly used by old age persons for walking.
  • The shoes are provided with midsole cushioned foam and new gel system which gives impact on weight as these materials are little heavy.
  • But other materials used are light weighed which balances out the impact and not make it heavier.

Stability Features


The conclusion to these shoes is just that it is mainly created for those with damaged or sensitive feet. Those who cannot walk correctly and are in their 70’s is the most users of these shoes. The shoes are used for walking because of heavy weighed but can be used for running if you want to train yourself more. The cushion system gives a comfortable experience.