Asics GEL-Foundation 12


  • The stability of the shoe is improved by adding modified midsole and other systems.
  • The guidance and trusstic system helps to gain better support
  • The cushioning is very well maintained and gives a good result.
  • Boon for those with knee and ankle pain and any person with a recent injury to the feet.
  • Great grip and flexible


  • Weight is a little bit high which causes impact while doing any activity.

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These days consumer always desires of a shoe which is a complete package of flexibility, cushioning and should be fully supportive.


Moreover, nowadays with the economy rise up, there are decidedly fewer chances that you would get a right shoe at an affordable price. Also, Asics always want to get the best of their products.


So, they have presented another new product that is the Asics GEL Foundation 12 shoe which is a perfect example of the scenario we discussed above.


The all-new Asics GEL-Foundation 12 is an excellent shoe with great features. It provides excellent stability and has outstanding performance compared to any other local shoe.


The shoe is designed with a broader toe point for best comfort and those with problematic feet. The shoe is best for high-intensity walking and low rate running.  Those who need to walk on a daily basis and cannot adjust in a low-quality shoe, these shoes are perfect for them.Thus making it one of the best motion control running shoes.


The weight is kept light while the features are modified for improving the experience. A comfortable and stable ride is the more preferred choice over others.


The outsole of these shoes is prepared with Asics High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) which gives excellent traction and support to the feet. Along with dura sponge these both works in coordination to give you best stability and grip.


Also, both the systems together make the outsole more durable. Moreover, the overall weight of both the systems is very less and can be neglected.


The SpEVA material used for midsole gives a natural ride with excellent shock absorption technique. It has inner groves which makes it flexible and more cushiony.


Along with this, there is a gel cushioning system which is placed at the forefoot and rearfoot which gives cushioning at maximum level.


The shock absorption becomes very smooth, and there are decidedly fewer chances of any injury to the feet.


Breathability of these shoes is improved a lot and gives a good result regarding freshness and sweat free experience. The upper body of the shoe is covered with an engineered mesh which includes the whole body of the shoe.


The mesh helps to regulate the air and moisture in and outside of the shoe. While its Ortholite Sock liner helps to check the moisture content and new air regulation. This helps in providing a fresh and clean dry feel while removing any bad odor.


Asics gel foundation also offers excellent cushioning. These shoes can be worn without socks because the sock liner will clean up everything.


The upper body of shoes is designed with a functional and durable mesh and have not compromised the look of shoes.


The mesh ensures that the air keeps on regulating every time and inside everything remains dry. The sock liners ensure that there is no blister and irritation to the feet.


The protection of this asics gel shoe is impressive. The mesh uppers used are durable and robust which protects the feet from any external damage while having a breathable feature in it.


The shoe has a comfort sock liner inside the body which holds the feet and makes it more stable. The sock liner helps to protect the shoe by not causing any blisters and irritation. It also helps in regulating fresh air inside out and keeps the feet dry.


Good stability brings good experience to the wearer. The material used and the systems installed work together to bring an excellent feel to the feet. The foamy midsole and the gel cushioning system creates a relaxing environment for the feet.


The flexibility of the Gel Foundation 12 shoes is excellent. The flex grooves at the outsole give elasticity to the shoe to get flexible. While the midsole is made from foamy cushion which gives s good stretch to the shoes.


The material used for the upper is seamless which stretches very quickly and is very durable. Also, the inner groves give space for shoes to get more stretchable.


The all new moon control function is introduced in these asics gel 12. There gel cushioning system is fitted in the front foot and rear foot which gives proper shock absorption and prevent any injury.


This cushioning helps in producing good natural movement on different surfaces known as moon control function.

Design Feature


The design of the Asics Gel Foundation 12 is very trendy and can be worn, and there will be no compromise on the look. The mesh is placed from the forefoot to the middle foot, and then there is an Asics logo which looks great with this.

  • The design structure of the shoe is sleek which can be more preferred by the females.
  • The outsole is kept white and matches perfectly with other tones used on the upper body.
  • The shoe does not come in a single color but a combination of two or three colors.
  • Varieties of colors different for males and females.

Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The heel to the traction of this shoe is just like another Asics shoe. It is moderate and cushiony.

  • The drop of the heel of these shoes is 10mm and is of medium size.
  • The shoe is mainly preferred by flat foot wearers and can run significantly in these shoes.


Fittings Feature


Stability is the main feature of these shoe as they provide the best support to the feet with their tremendous and manageable systems.

  • There is a considerable modification in the depth and width of the shoe in the midfoot and forefoot region which gives better support and stability.
  • Those with a full foot can get a significant benefit from these shoes, but a sports person with a low volume of feet can also enjoy it.
  • The stability of these shoes helps the people with their ankle and knees pain and injury.

Package Feature


The fitting of these shoes is usually like other shoes of Asics, but fitting is proper and secure.

  • Every lace has its eyelets, this prevents any loss and slipping of lace.
  • Lace closure system securely fitted to provide a pleasant experience.
  • Lace comes in different colors in contrast with the upper body colors.


Cushioning Feature


The packaging of material is quite good as everything is kept in mind while preparing this shoe.

  • The midsole is made with their SpEVA foam which brings out the best cushioning and high stability. Besides this, it is very light in weight.
  • The upper body is covered with mesh which is engineered to give proper functions. The breathable mesh controls the new air regulation and cools of the feet. And the mesh is light weighted, durable and can be dyed in different colors.


Grip Features


The comfortability of these shoes is just like the fortitude series of Asics. It is providing with cushions at midsole and gel cushioning system.

  • The midsole has a SpEVA foam which gives good stability and cushioning to the feet. Because of cushioning midsole, the flexibility is increased a lot.
  • The additional gel cushioning system is placed on to the rear and front foot which gives additional support and comfort.
  • Both the cushioning systems help to absorb the shock very easily and keeps any damage to the feet away. There are fewer chances of injury to the feet.

Grip Features


The traction or hold of any shoe must be good enough to tackle all the surfaces. However, the local shoe cannot give you that experience, for that the Asics Gel Foundation 12 is perfect on a low budget.

  • They have used their basic AHAR and DuraSponge Outsole for the best results.
  • The flex grooves present in the outsole make it more flexible and durable.
  • The guidance system helps to give a good level of support while running or walking.
  • The grip of the shoe is improved by improving the texture which is gritty.
  • The pattern helps to hold the shoe to the surface.


Weight Features


The weight of this shoe is neither light nor heavy, and it has the usual type of weight.

  • The shoe has 12.2 ounces weight for men and 10.2 ounces weight for women which is more than light and less than heavy.
  • This is just because of the additional cushion that is added to the front and rear foot regions of the shoe.

Stability Features


The all-new Asics GEL-Foundation 12 shoe is good for those having knee or ankle pain and have gone with a recent injury. The shoe supports your feet very well and doesn’t cause any discomfort. These shoes have a wide toe which gives space to your feet and make it more comfortable. It is worth investing in.