Asics GEL Venture 5



  • Asics Gel Venture provides a compact and snug fitting.
  • They are available in a variety of colour options.
  • It perseverance and balance with general durability works well.
  • The toe box has enough room for natural toe movements.
  • It has a nice arch support and can be felt in the mid-sole unit and the light-weighted EVA foam is enough responsive and comfortable.
  • The outsole has a strong gripping and traction units.
  • The tread’s traction outsoles of the shoes showed nice performance on pavements, although they are meant for running purposes.
  • Its Gel Cushioning system has strong absorption abilities on the landings so that the runner don’t cause any discomfort on landings.
  • The full-length midsoles foam caries the foot properly and doesn’t get break down in between.





  • The stitched sections of the upper portion begins to fall apart, as reported by a a reviewer.
  • The outsole rubber was found to be separat6ed from the platform of the heels.
  • It becomes bit narrower for some runners.
  • Users found difficulties in washing and cleaning the dust and dirt from the mesh fabric of the boot.



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Asics GEL Venture is mainly a running shoe have been designed for extreme running experience. It main model was designed in the year 2006. It is designed for both men and women.


It gives a perfect of durable protection and conform performance. It features trail-specific outsoles that provide a luxury underfoot cushioning system. It upper has special mechanism to protect the foot and secure it while running delivering a comfortable running experience every time. They act as a versatile all-rounder that performs well on roads and even on trails.


It has a standard 10 mm drop for heel-to-toe transitions, which most neutral will find acceptable and comfortable.


It has a well-balanced and stable feeling shoe during running and hiking, the GEL cushioning in the heel will make the runners feel little off-balance. The responsiveness of the shoe is generally higher than other hiking shoe and gives out a standard energy return.


The weight of the shoe is 10.7 ounces or 303 grams for men’s pair of Asics Gel Venture and 8.7 ounces or 247 grams for women’s pair of Asics Gel Venture. This size can’t be considered in the light-weighted margin of trail shoe making it heavier than other running shoes.


The color options and the design is stylish and attractive being a trail runner.


The outsole of the shoe is prepared strongly for trail running sessions and is equipped with multi-directional carrier that strong ground gripping. It also provides traction and control during uphill climbs and drop-off.


The vertical and the horizontal flex grooves of the outsole provide flexibility and smooth drill that allows for the natural movement of foot. It also increases the overall efficiency of the running and hiking.


The high quality rubber strongly protects the shoe against any kind of wear or tears even after heavy or light use. Its strong and powerful mesh and the stitched overplays protect the upper from degradation.


The midsole are equipped with standard EVA foam which is light-weighted and with a responsive cushioning system. EVA is a durable material that is purely comfortable and has shock attenuation properties that increases the life of the shoe.


The unique element added by Asics in its shoe is the Gel Cushioning System they place in the rear foot of the shoe. This works on absorbing the impacts of any kind of shock during heel march and delivers an extra cushioning.


The upper is made from a breathable mesh material that has high properties of ventilation. It is also tightly interlinked so its principle is maintained even after wearing it for a heavy run.


The sock-liner is smooth to the touch and helps reduce the irritation from the shoes. It also has a toe and a heel cap that protects these susceptible sections of the foot from damage.

Design Feature


The colour selection and the design is stylish and appealing being a trail runner. They work on favouring utility over fashion. The shoe possesses an amazing combination between quality and style. The flexible upper highly breathable mesh wraps around the foot after tied laces ultimately giving a snug and compact fitting.


Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

It has a 10 millimetre drop for heel-to-toe landings which most neutral will find normal and comfortable. It has a well-maintaining and stable feeling shoe during runs with the GEL filled cushioning in the heel area that makes the runners feel little off-balance.


Fittings Feature


The outsole is acknowledged for extreme trials that grips strong to the ground providing traction and control in both uphill and downfall climbs. It is made up of Asics High Abrasion Resistant Rubber that is wear resistant and also long-lasting.


The outsole protects the runner from hazards found on the trail or running sessions. The vertical and the parallel flex network of the outer sole provide flexibility and smooth driving that allows for the natural foot curves and folds.


It also enhances the overall efficiency during extreme and intense runs or hiking.

Package Feature


The shoe wraps around the foot nicely after tied laces that ultimately gives it a snug, tighter and tight fitting. The upper is sewed with synthetic overlays that provide overall support and protection to the foot from damages in the ways.


The sock-liner is smooth in touch and helps reducing imperfection from the shoes. It also has a toe and a heel capsule that protects these susceptible portions and overlays of the foot from injuries.

Cushioning Feature


GEL enriched cushioning component in the heel sections will make the runners feel little off-balance from the grounds. The outsole of Asics Gel Venture is developed for trail running and is equipped with determined multi-directional carrier that grips strong to the ground provides traction and control during uphill climbs and drop-off.


The upper is stitched with synthetic overlays that provide overall support while protecting the foot from injuries in the coming ways.

Grip Features


To provide it with a high cushioning unit, it has been structured with a meshed network component to make it feel like a glove and becomes molded around the foot smartly providing flexibility and breathability. The laces of the shoe fit comfy and compact across the top of the foot.


The vertical and the horizontal outsole portions have a flexible and smooth curvature that allows for the runner to have eased while running. It also increases the overall tendency and performance of the shoe during runs and hikes.

Grip Features


The high quality rubber enhances and hold the shoe against any kind of wear or tears containing a powerful mesh toils around and the sewed overplays protect the upper section from being degraded.


The outsoles are made keeping in mind for the purpose of trail running and is built with a well-determined multi-directional process that have strong traction on the grounds providing control during uphill climbs and drop-off.

Weight Features


The considerable weight is 247 grams for women and 303 grams for men and they are actually not meant for being considered as a light-weighted shoe, rather coms in the heavier weight range of running shoe.

Stability Features


The shoe offers a true barefoot feeling because it is meant for it and giving support on extreme terrains. The shoes have a bundle of flexibility durability and breathability, in which gripping is the most powerful one.


The shoe has a complete technical trail searching for a sure-footed running experience. Reviewers have appreciated the cushioning units of the shoe, and claimed that the boot responsibly handled their feet and also provided arch support.


Asics GEL Venture is a running shoe has been designed for extreme running performance. It is designed to give a perfect durable protection to both men and women runners and their running experience.


It features trail-specific outsoles that provide a luxury underfoot cushioning mechanism. Shock eliminating mechanism protects the foot from speedy runs on trails with a trail-specific outsole.


It provides an easy and calming running experience with running or with other activities.