Asics GT 2000 4

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  • Asics GT 2000 4 has a very comfortable sole.
  • The different color schemes of the shoe offered style.
  • The structured Heel Clutch system and the Duomax Support System combine to deliver outstanding support and stability features to the shoe.
  • The new mesh upper offers better foot-hugging support.
  • The shoe is really comfortable, as reported by almost every user of the shoe.
  • It shock absorption cushioning is excellent.
  • The upper unit of the shoe keeps the foot dry and cool on hot days.
  • The fitting is accurate with the shoes.
  • Gender specific cushioning of the shoe provides a slightly softer feel.





  • The break-in period is required with the shoe.
  • The shoe has a heavy weight.
  • It is quite expensive compared to its previous models.
  • The outsole rubber was found to be separated from the platform of the heels.



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Asics GT 2000 4 is the most popular running shoe in the Asics GT 2000 series of shoes. It was released in the month of March 2015.


It is designed for both men and women. It provides a high amount of cushioning hand-in-hand with high adaptability and goes perfectly for those runners who are searching for an edge. It features high quality cushioning with the Gel cushioning system along with different varieties of foot support.


Asics GT 2000 4 have been provided with a definite 10 mm heel for both the genders and rely upon giving a satisfactory neutral befitting to the wearer along with a 21 mm height for women runner and 22 for men.


They are enabled with a diameter and thickness ranging from slender, thin, tight, normal to broader and baggy ones and consists a fore forward height of 12 mm and 11 mm for men and women respectively.


It shows a well-balanced and stable feeling during running and hiking but the GEL cushioning in the heel makes the runner feel a little off-balance.


The spongy and stretchy upper portion is immensely breathable that creates a mesh covering around the runner’s foot as soon the laces gets tied which makes him/her foot feel entirely restful, cushy, compacted, convenient and ready for the ultimate performance.


The responsiveness of the 4th version is generally higher than other hiking shoe and gives out a standard positive energy return.


The estimated density the shoe carries is about 312 grams for a men runner or hiker and that of women holds around 252 grams. This extra weight of the shoe is due to the design of its heel counter and the design.


The shoe possesses an amazing combination between quality and style. The color options and the design is stylish and attractive being a trail runner. The rear upper features a plastic heel cover that keeps the foot at its place secured completely and increases its comfort level.


The outsole of Asics GT 2000 4 is developed featuring the Guidance Line, that is meant to help transitions and drop from foot leaving the ground and when the foot back down again.


Outsoles are made with a high scratched opposing rubber component that is abrasion and damage resistant and is also abiding for a longer period.


The outsoles are made highly threat and risk defiant which may arise during the way of trail running sessions.


Durasponge is a special soft blown rubber component in the shape of a small air capsule in the forefoot section which is well-lighted and immensely cushioned with respect to the shoe.


The perpendicular and parallel angled slit in the outsole has suspended resilience and adjustability and sloppy run-through that gives the runner’s foot enough space for moving the fingers.


It also increases the overall efficiency of the running and hiking. The high quality rubber strongly protects the shoe against any kind of wear or tears even after heavy or light use. Its strong and powerful mesh and the stitched overplays protect the upper from degradation.


The unique element added by Asics in the forefoot and the heel area is the Gel Cushioning System they place in the rear foot of the shoe.


On the other hand the middle sole area is constructed and filled with a highly shock penetrating component known as FluidRide and to enhance its responsiveness and cushioning, they are inherited with a Solyte foam that also carries steep cushioning.


Asics incorporated FluidRide technology in the shoe to add an elevated cushioning feature and durability to the shoe. The Solyte foam also has the ability to suck in any kind of blow, quake, bump, or clash during walks and runs, side by side maintaining its cushioning.


Upper construction is formulated with sewed counterfeit overlays that protect and save the runner’s foot from injuries and damages.


They are composed with a breathable networking that has the tendency of air circulation and strongly wreathed so that the runner’s requirement for heavy runs can be fulfilled without any harm.


The sock-liner is smooth to the touch and helps reduce the irritation from the shoes. It also has a toe and a heel cap that protects these susceptible sections of the foot from damage.

Design Feature


The shoe possesses a nice style with modern outlook. There are not as many color options available in this model, but those which are available are pretty attractive and soothing to the eyes.


The springy and spongy upper consists of a net coating which is there for a proper air circulation in the shoe and avoiding irritation and compactness after it gets tied.

Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

They are composed of a 10 mm heel transitions that is the distance of the heel from the toe and it feature the landings of the shoe with a neutral base which is highly comfortable and acceptable by runners.


Carrying a 22 mm and 21 mm heel height for men and women respectively, the Asics GT 2000 4 pair is available in all sorts of foot shapes, starting from slender, sleek, and normal to broader ones.

Fittings Feature


The outsole is designed featuring the Guidance Line, that is meant to help transitions and drop from foot leaving the ground and when the foot back down again. Prepared with a scratched proof rubber material, they feature a long abiding and deep-rooted resistance which is also abided from kinds of wear and tear.


A soft rubber component is also a feature of the fore forward section, but with tiny air-filled capsules, called as Durasponge.

Package Feature


The rubber material with loads of mobility is responsible for the perfect tight fitting of the shoe along with the laces that plays the vital role. The upper section contributes to the fitting with its stitched networking and the same time gives an overall supportive protection and comfort.

Cushioning Feature


GEL cushioning in the heel will make the runners feel little off-balance. The soft and flexile covering around the laces of the shoe is meant for giving a tight and secured befitting to the foot. They are made up of Asics High Abrasion Resistant Rubber that is wear resistant and also long-lasting.


The FluidRide structure of the midsole is combined to give a high shock attenuation property featuring Solyte foam which has excellent comfy cushioning and observance. Durasponge named tiny air filled pockets has light weighted properties with the presence of a soft blown rubber material.

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Grip Features


The forefoot and the heel of shoe carried the Gel Cushioning System they place in the rear foot of the shoe. The gel cushioning system works with the fluid construction of the middle sole for absorbing shock and impacts without compromising with its receptivity.


The freely respiring environment of the upper sole has toils around and inter-linked with the high maintenance of the shoe after every use.

Grip Features


Constituted with a largely scuffed rubber component, the soles are everlasting and tear and wear proof along with protecting the foot from immediate injuries or unnecessary slippage. The different directional carrier used in the outsole showed a strong gripping on the ground along with uphill and down drops during climbing or hiking.


Weight Features


The weight is a little heavier but it excellent features outweigh its heavier weight. Holding around a weight of 312 grams of Asics GT 2000 4 is found satisfactorily for a men runner and that for women is 252 grams.

Stability Features


Asics GT 2000 4 is the 4th generation in the GT 2000 line of shoes by Asics. It provides a combination of cushioning and supportive ride in one go. It has excellent cushioning, stability, responsiveness, arch support and an improved security in the forefoot and the heel area.


Asics GT 2000 4 basically a high performer running shoes. It is available for both men and women and delivers a high amount of cushioning with high adaptability and goes perfectly for those runners who are searching for an edge.


For heel strikers, the 10 mm drop in the heel transition and the Gel cushioning system come together to soften the striking impacts.

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