Clarks Denny Dallas Leather Women’s Court Shoes Review


  • Ortholite technology
  • Superb lightweight
  • Fusion Grip Rubber Outsole
  • Easy slip-on design
  • Comes in a variety of colour


  • one size small will fit as it has board midsole

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Clarks now has given ladies a new superpower. Clarks Denny Dallas is one of the best product of Clarks for ladies who are workaholics. It is a fantastic silhouette with new Ortholite technology. These smart black leather pumps feature a 5.5cm heel while the punched detailing provides added interest. Ideal office footwear these pumps feature an Ortholite footbed and a leather lining for around the clock comfort.


Unlike traditional insoles, the compression set of Ortholite insoles is less than 5% over time, so the cushioning and fit never change inside the shoe, providing maximum comfort every time you put your pumps on. Ortholite open-cell PU foam is 95% to 100% breathable, allowing air to circulate in and around the insole, keeping the foot cooler inside the shoe. The unique open-cell structure of Ortholite insoles creates a moisture management system, helping to move moisture away from the foot to provide a more relaxed, drier, healthier shoe environment. Ortholite insoles are lightweight, enhancing the performance of the pumps with airy comfort. Ortholite insoles are machine washable, coming out like new every time while maintaining all of their performance benefits after washing.


Its upper body is made up of leather. Leather pumps are a popular favourite for people who have active jobs or need pumps that will give their feet extra comfort and protection. The leather is used because the material lets air in to cool your feet and stop them from smelling. Clarks use High-quality leather so that pumps stay strong against demanding work environments meaning the pumps will last much longer. The leather used here is water resistance. That is, it is waterproof and breathable too. If you work in an active work environment, ladies these pumps can help protect your feet from accidents or injuries. These pumps will mould to the shape of your foot. When trying on plastic or other synthetic pumps, you can find they often feel hard on your feet, and they will not change to accommodate the shape of your feet. Compared to different fabrics that can be difficult to clean, leather is smooth to wash down with a damp cloth. Because the material is breathable, leather products are not challenging to dry either after they have been washed.


Now, these pumps comprise of TPR outsole. Because of this sole, these pumps are Light in weight, Good tear strength, Excellent abrasion resistant. These pumps have Excellent dimension stability, Low temperature flexible, Excellent weather resistant, Performs like vulcanised rubber, Reusable and recyclable, Excellent electrical properties. These materials are offered to cushion, and support could be moulded and shaped. Given that the sole is the foundation of any running shoe, it is essential you have got the right stuff down where it counts. Thus, these lightweight, neutral running shoe provides a mix of cushion and snappy quickness for those who want every race to feel fast, but refuse to sacrifice a premium, high-cushion ride. The outsole is uniquely designed and have grooved structure. This structure helps to cut the air friction while running and further supported by aerodynamic design.


These pumps are made up of new material which gives these pumps extra-long life. Made up with the help of Highly industrial production unit and highly skilled designers, they offer an exclusive collection of running pumps. Keeping in mind that comfort is must these pumps are made of the pure and comfy material. Their upper body is made up of leather with a mesh for breathability. There are multiple holes present on the upper body of the shoe to provide breathability to feet.


Coming to its hold and grip, its outsole is designed very uniquely having grooved structure. This structure helps to cut the air while walking around with so much confidence. The sole is highly textured for resistance against the surface.  The material used for outsole is non-marking rubber sole which is flexible and full of grip. This sole is flexible, sturdy and rigid.


These pumps have midsole made up of PU rubber to give more flexibility and more power to the shoes. It has grooves that are fitted internally for the reduction of blisters and any damage to the feet that can be accessed without these groves. These shoes come in appealing style and have a tremendous anatomical structure/ this gives these shoes fashionable style and technically is powerful and can combat any situation.

Design Feature


These shoes have varieties if colour black, light tan and nude pink. Upper body is made up of pure leather which is sturdy enough for regular basis activities. They have added little extra padding to the area around the tongue and ankle area to reduce the risk of blisters. The outsole of these shoes is made up of thermoplastic rubber which has a lot of texture with a grooved structure having a waffle-like sole with flexibility. These pumps feature a slip-on structure with both side goring. These pumps have Ortholite technology which ensures breathability and comforts of feet.



Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The Clarks Denny Dallas are designed with the flexible and non-marking thermoplastic rubber sole which is better than other shoes. The heel to toe transition of these shoes is incredible. These shoes are designed with such a technology that it will take the shape of your shoes making your feet less uncomfortable even if you wear it the first time. It has extra padding at the heal area for adjustment factor in these shoes.



Fittings Feature


These pair of shoes have nicely designed inner groves. You will surely like the snug feel of the shoe. These shoes are made up of non-marking rubber outsole provides durability and grip on a variety of surfaces, while the midsole is highly internally grooved to provide comfort. The outsole has textured grooves which are present at different points to provide maximum grip. It has vulcanised rubber or polyurethane sole with minimal tread pattern or no pattern, composition leather or suede upper, and double or triple stitching to extend the life of the upper material.

Package Feature


This shoe comes with comfortable slip-on design without lace system which makes them easily fitted. Also, these shoes are not narrow at the bottom making you buy the shoes of your size. These shoes have inner grooves with extra padding at sides and ankle for extra creating comfort zone and fitting. These shoes have low healed drop which is an added feature in joint.


Cushioning Feature


Materials and technologies used in this model allow for a very light weight of the shoe. While walking and doing any extra activities your feet sweat. To make this problem go away, they have punched holes all over the upper body of heels to give breathability to pumps. This makes them breathable as well as light.

Grip Features


Its TPR midsole provides lightweight cushioning for running. Extra cushioning is supplied due to extra padded tongue and collar for comfort and support. TPR midsole material features lightweight, flexibility, and excellent cushioning (like a well-known PHYLON technology does), along with this their extra cushion along ankle and tongue area which. And because of this extraordinary midsole, you have a spring-like motion and feel like walking on a cloud even while running hard. A low, padded tongue is also included in these shoes for the comfort zone.

Grip Features


When you walk there is always a sudden stop to any obstruction, and these pumps can combat all the situations without any problem. These pumps are made up of the rubber outsole. This outsole has highly textured grooves for maximum grip with a waffle-like structure. These grooves are placed in such a pattern which give ultimate grip to the surface. It has a low heal structure which gives you an adjustable shoe.



Weight Features


The Clarks Denny Dallas is very lightweight. These pumps have been designed with the Ortholite technology stuff. The leather used on the heels are punched in a manner which gives you breathability. Even the material of sole unit is prepared up of lightweight foam sole which is having thin grooved structure. The midsole of these shoes is made from TPR foam stuff which is very light weighted. So as these qualities are present, these shoes are light in weight.

Stability Features


The Clarks Denny Dallas has crafted mainly for the ladies who did not think for a second when they have to give their all-time to the things they love and are passionate about. If we talk about Clarks Denny Dallas, it has an extraordinary grip and technologies in these pumps these pumps are preferred by most of the customers. It is crafted with a TPR midsole; groves fitted internally and rubber outsole which makes its best in flexibility, support, lightweight impact protection and natural feel. Leather. Stuff used is breathable in it gives them a classic and robust look. The Ortholite system applied here is to provide you such light weighed, stable, breathable and supportive pumps. To sum it up all, The Clarks Denny Dallas is one of the best and handsomely priced ladies pumps out there on the market and can make you buy more than one pair.