Clarks Tri Allie Ballerina Slip On Shoe Review


  • Trigenic technology
  • Very lightweight
  • EVA rubber outsole
  • Easy slip-on design
  • Ergonomic fit and responsive cushioning


  • Grip can be improved
  • Bit expensive
  • Option to add more tech to the shoe

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New Clarks Tri Allie shoes are new ladies’ sporty casual shoes. Clarks Tri Allie is preferred by those women who are made for sports and even casual dress up. It is excellent footwear with new invented Trigenic technology. These smarts meshed up shoe targets what you need while running, continuously walking or any other walking. Upper is crafted with a knit and mesh which is very light in weight. The sole used is made of EVA rubber which features new Trigenic system. This system is used to increase flexibility, while rubber grooves offer grip. This shoe is the best foot mate for the ladies who work all day long and want perfect footwear for their comfortability.


The compression of EVA soles is very less as compared to other bottoms. This provides maximum flexibility and cushioning to your feet even after years passes on as the sole never compresses and never get damaged. EVA foam is very much breathable, which allows the air to circulate in & outside the insole and keeps the foot cooler inside the shoe. The one benefit of this sole is that it is washable sole and will not get damaged easily.



These shoes introduce the all-new ERGONOMIC FIT technique. The ergonomic technology makes a perfect asymmetric fit that respects the shape of the foot. The ergonomics experience is known by the fit of the shoe hence there is a unique and distinct feeling of liberty inside the shoe. It is not merely an excess of volume or space, but the ergonomically planned structure is designed to move as the shoe moves.


This shoe features the all-new RESPONSIVE CUSHIONING system. Premium materials used in these shoes are used to give the incomparable and best underfoot cushioning and an exact fit. The ENGINEERED DECONSTRUCTION of these shoes is what provides finishing to the technologies of these shoes. The softly and flexible, designed uppers offer a snug like fit and gives your feet a new skin. It makes you feel like that you are walking barefooted in a natural motion. The TARGETED FLEX POINTS used in these shoes observes the shoe response and grab all the mechanics. The foot’s natural movement is optimised with the help of targeted flex points.


And here comes a change of the game style and functionality of these shoes that is Trigenic embodies pioneering. This works by taking care of natural movement with technical craftsmanship and responsive cushioning of shoes.



Materials used in Trigenic technology is the very professional and innovative and their engineering is the key to free flow. Because of this the insoles can memorise the foot’s natural impression and even in and out of motion. This lightweight sole gives weightlessness in movement and flexibility for a barefoot feel. The leather socks installed provides you with an added comfort, breathability and circulation.


The upper body of Clarks Tri Allie shoes is made up of mesh and knit for breathability factor and sporty look. Clarks use this material just to provide extra life to the boots. Because of this mesh, the circulation system of these shoes is well maintained. Your foot will feel fresh all the long day even in humidity.


These shoes comprise of EVA outsole. This sole makes the shoe lightweight. These soles have the Good strength to handle the damage and have an Excellent abrasion resistant. These shoes consist of excellent electrical properties, have proper waterproof technique. These materials are made to offer best cushioning properties and can be shaped in any mould. A premium high cushion ride is what a customer needs while walking, running or doing any activity. For this Clarks uses this sole which is cushiony as well as sturdy.


With the help of technical teammates and best raw materials, these shoes are designed and tested. With the help of new and innovative content, these shoes are skilled shoes. They provide extra life to shoes which is one of the foremost things. These shoes are made with the comfortable material because with the strength it is important to take care of the foot. Their upper body is made up of layers of mesh and knit for breathability factor.


These shoes are having a strap joined to the front for making these shoes properly fit and comfortable slip-on design. You can wear it on any causal dress or sports tracksuit. These shoes are versatile actors in their field.

Design Feature


Clarks Tri Allie shoes come in two colours that are pink and black. Its Upper body is made of knitting and mesh fabric for strength and breathability factor. The outsole of these shoes is made with EVA rubber having internal grooves which give these shoes stability and grip. They have introduced additional padding around ankle and tongue area. It has a full strap joint for making these shoes comfortable to wear. Its responsive cushioning and ergonomic fit technology make these shoes outstanding onto any field.


Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The outsole of Clarks Tri Allie shoes is made with EVA rubber material which is very flexible and has introduced extra padding around the tongue and ankle area. Also, its ergonomic fit technology makes these shoes an extraordinary product. These shoes are made of such material and technology, that it will mould in the shape of your feet.



Fittings Feature


These shoes are introduced with a lot of inner groves. Midsole used in these shoes is made up of EVA rubber which provides a comfortable feeling and has hidden groves for stability. The outsole is made up of another form of EVA rubber which is very durable and flexible for giving best grip. A lot of inner groves and the textured pattern is present on the outsole to provide maximum grip. The midsole of these shoes is equipped with extra padding to give shock absorption factor. Its upper body is made up with the help of mesh and knit fabric, which provided ultimate breathability and sweat free environment to your feet.

Package Feature


The ergonomic fit technology makes sure that the shoes are adjusted properly with your feet. The padding and fabric stitched into these shoes create a proper and snug fit which is very much comfortable. The trampoline-like pads and shock absorption system gives an enjoyable experience.



Cushioning Feature


Materials used in Clarks Tri Allie shoes are of the best quality. Equipment used for making trigenic system is raw, light weighted and durable. For responsive action and ergonomic fir, the material used is lightweight for a quick response and supportive and cushiony for best fit. The stuff used for the upper body is prepared in their factory for no degradation in their quality. To sum up; the shoes are made with the best quality material.

Grip Features


Its midsole is made of EVA rubber which gives best cushioning while running or doing any other outdoor activity. The area around the tongue and ankle are also provided with extra padding and cushioning to provide a comfort zone to your feet. EVA rubber material is light in weight, flexible, and have excellent cushioning, along with this their extra padding at the tongue and ankle area. Also, this best midsole provides shock absorption while you are running or doing any sports activity. You will experience a spring-like motion and feel like walking on cotton. A low, padded tongue is also included for comfort.



Grip Features


Trigenic system introduced in Clarks Tri Allie shoes is the main eye-catching technology. This system is divided into three different sections. One will detect the motion of the shoes while other will give the best grip on these shoes. The sole of these shoes is made of EVA rubber material which is durable and are having so much of texture. The sole of these shoes contains lots of inner groves. These groves help to make hold between the surface and the shoes. Now go and spread your charm being fearless. Best shoes for dancing running and going for any adventurous sports.

Weight Features


The materials used in the Clarks Tri Allie shoes are very lightweight. The outsole material used that is EVA rubber is lightweight. The trigenic system introduced is made of the lightweight material. The upper body is formed of a mesh and knit material which is also very lightweight. The cushion system added in these shoes is also lightweight foam which provides best cushioning. Its midsole is made up of another form of EVA rubber material which is also light weighted. Because of these qualities, these shoes are light weighed and are perfect for running any job.



Stability Features


The Clarks Tri Allie shoes are crafted only for ladies who do not hesitate while going outside and giving their best in every field. Clarks Tri Allie shoes are made with the EVA outsole rubber. This provides strength to these shoes and best flexibility. Durable and waterproof makes these shoes long lasting. This also gives these shoes a natural feeling. Upper body is made up of mesh which makes these shoes to breathe. The trigenic system used in these shoes is to provide exact fir, best cushioning, stability and natural feeling to your feet just like a second skin. The Clarks Tri Allie shoes are the best ladies’ special shoes to provide best cushioning, ergonomic fit, responsive motion and best feeling while wearing it.