Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox

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  • Appropriate for a long walk
  • Breathable upper
  • Moderately cushioned insole
  • Perfect for summer and spring season
  • Versatile style
  • Vintage look
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable rubber sole that won’t quickly retire


  • The foxing tape on the side wall covering the midsole might be detachable after sometime
  • Narrow feet.
  • Not for winter season.

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox is one amongst the fashionable reinterpretations of the first Converse All Star, crafted beneath the wings of its gift parent company and leading athletic footwear whole Nike.


Converse All Star nearly desires no introduction. It’s one amongst the extremely omnipresent sneaker silhouettes that maybe anyone from any generation will simply relate to.


This proverbial sneaker with an ordinarily spoken canvas cowl, rubber toe cap, and thick rubber sole continues to form substantial footprints elsewhere round the globe, catching the interest of sneaker lovers from totally different generations and numerous subcultures.


Long before the Converse All Star became a much-favored canvas for creativeness and started earning a   timeless mass charm, this sneaker was a mainstay on the hardwood from the time it absolutely was introduced as a hoop shoe in 1923.


A cager by the name of Chuck Taylor created a robust name for the All Star once he instituted changes on the first high-topped Converse shoe by suggesting the inclusion of a gliding joint patch for additional protection.


The whole took note of Taylor’s proposal that in 1932, at the side of the All Star emblem, Chuck Taylor’s name was placed on the gliding joint patch, and also the shoe got a replacement name, the Chuck Taylor All Star.


Those who are accustomed to the Converse All Star’s storied basketball heritage and have witnessed its progression into thought fashion will simply say that the All Star has been the brand’s most painting silhouette.


Towards the Sixties, the high-topped Converse All Star became the foremost most popular ball shoe within the NBA games manner before alternative competitor brands began introducing tech-laden performance shoes on the court.


Throughout such era, athletes additionally started cutting away unwanted height off their All Star’s to realize additional flexibility, particularly within the gliding joint space whereas taking part in basketball.


Converse responded by starting off with the All Star Oxford Cut or Ox in 1957, the brand’s initial low profile sneaker. It absolutely was additionally the primary time the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star emblem was slashed from the aspect panels.


Fast forward to the current time, Converse pays tribute to the low-cut heritage shoe by restocking the shelves with the Converse CT All Star Core Ox. This model, marked with an occasional gliding joint height, maintains the core necessities of the abundant celebrated Converse All Star.

Design Feature


No matter how briskly fashion trends evolve these days, ancient styles maintain its immunity from obtaining out-of-date. The Converse All Star low-top classic sneaker is one of those antiquated styles that continue to receive such an exemption as it remains to be relevant to the present time.


The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox may be a reinterpretation of the classic Converse All Star Oxford that 1st appeared within the Nineteen Fifties. For this re-release, Converse highlights the oxford-cut, that is that the 1st low-top version of the Converse All Star.


Durability is another standout part of this shoe that is constructed with a tough sporting rubber prepared for roughing it out. Its classic design, matches almost any casual wear in their closet.


A kind of sneaker one will change surface up and stay fashionable. The Optical White is a well-adored pick by consumers as its vibrant upper can be paired with different styles.

Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The inner back space of the ankle joint half is other with soft stuffing to scale back resistance once the user is taking these shoes out for a spin. The user will feel the shoes providing that additional forte from the ankle joint to the up-top with the smallest amount of friction that’s thanks to the artifact that’s placed from the heel to the area of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox Sneakers.


Fittings Feature


Its ancient sole tread style keeps the feet stable on slippery, wet, as well as partly muddy grounds. Its rubber toe prevents water from coming into the tip of the shoe.


Package Feature


The low-top Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox tends to own a slender or tight match. As per reviewers, those with wide feet would possibly have to be compelled to switch to a 0.5 size above their normal acceptable get the optimum advantages of this shoe. It comes in sizes starting from five to nineteen America for women’s and three to eighteen America for the men’s. True to its classic style, this sneaker has a traditional lace-up closure that allows users a personalized, secure fit.

Cushioning Feature


Converse emphasizes the core necessities of its picture low-top model by introducing the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox. This sneaker highlights the oxford cut 1st seen within the low-top Converse All Star edition within the Nineteen Fifties. With associate higher fabricated from a breathable canvas connected to a thick rubber sole, this oxford-cut sneaker easily blends with any attire, be it cropped trousers, summer dresses or even long evening robes, if one prefers to be outrageously bold.

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Grip Features


Its breathable higher and moderately padded innersole ar among the numerous reasons why sneaker fanatics are grabbing additional pairs of this vogue.


Grip Features


The sole of this shoe takes inspiration type the waffle like criss-cross pattern that helps increase the traction and grip of the shoe. Now, whether or not or not it’s casual free running or the other activity that involves plenty of movement, these shoes will take it all and may any stretch that additional mile for your comfort.

Weight Features


The soft and light-weighted sole performs natural foot movements and have a 13 oz. weight individually for both genders pair.

Stability Features


The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox is a must for every sneaker lover, it has everything one can expect or desire from a sneaker shoe at such an affordable price.

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