ECCO Biom Venture Shoe Review


– Super Lightweight
– Stylish
– Extremely Stable
– Superb Grip
– Great Ventilation
– Perfect Natural Motion Shoes
– Quick Lace Makes up for Everything


– A bit on the expensive side

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What was it that made it possible to create something so relentless and biomechanically advanced, yet conservative in its approach, when it came to the only thing which mattered for man? It was aesthetics, the very foundation of human evolution that led to such phenomenal development in the field of developing something for the human foot that acted like second skin. Yes, we are talking about shoes here! And to one’s amusement, the one up for chatter today is the Ecco Biom Venture, retrofitted with the legendary Biom, short for Biomechanics Natural Motion, and the Gore Tex Surround tech that adds to the overall charisma of the shoe.


Now, the shoes could not be called anything less than a miraculous unison between traditional shoe making with the infusion of the latest technology addition, when it came to creating something out of the league. The Biom or Natural Motion technology came into motion with the consideration of the very purpose of the human foot that was designed to stay close to the ground. The human foot has evolved over the millennia only to adapt to its natural surroundings, taking the shape of anything it was placed on. That is where the idea of Natural Motion comes from. You could easily be thinking that it’s only a shoe that we are talking about here but, that is not just it. We are talking about something far more advanced, far more thought out and far more- Natural!!


Lets take into consideration the Gore Tex Surround here for a second, which is actually the mid-sole of the shoe and forms a frame like structure around the of the shoe to give it that added benefit of extra dryness when the rain is about to set in. The very basic function of the Gore Tex mechanism is to suck out the moisture from the entire body of the shoe and gives the wearer a warmer feel only a few minutes after they have been soaked wet. Well, go ahead, test them out yourself. Don’t take my word for it, but then, why ruin all the fun? Wait till you hear what comes next. The Gore Tex surround mechanism works so flawlessly that it literally pulls out the moisture from the upper of the shoe and moves it out through the tiny holes standing by the mid-sole of the shoe for that very exact purpose. A puddle in the way is not your concern anymore, nor is a sweaty foot. You have bigger things to achieve now, and the Biom Venture will pave the way for you to unmatched in-shoe comfortability allowing you to relentlessly pushing forward without so much as a hitch.


Coming to the Biom(short for biomechanics) Natural Motion mechanism that adjusts to over 2500 foot types, the wearer is in for a treat. The Natural Motion adds to the factor of movement, flexibility and stability while taking the shape of the wearers foot when in action. Put on a pair and one could immediately notice the difference. The shoe keeps the heel of the wearers foot much closer to the ground, which adds to the feeling of reinforced support and feedback from the ground up. The outer sole of the shoes have been designed to specifically keep the wearer in a much more natural and comfortable posture, unlike most other shoes that boast a high raised heel section that adds more to irritation and less to stability and comfort. Keeping the foot at a barely raised level gives the wearer the feel of having the support and backing of the ground. When put to test, the shoes passed with flying colors and the reason behind the success? Nothing but sheer natural motion, of the foot obviously!! What did you think? Anyway, these shoes are loved around the by Ecco fanatics, and they adore having a pair of these in their shoe closet. Let’s break things down for a better picture of what the Ecco Biom Venture really stand out for:

Design Feature


Talking about the design of the Ecco Biom Venture, well, it takes its shape and inspiration from the aesthetic of the human foot. The design of the shoe is slightly bent towards the inside of the foot, which allows the shoe to actually take the shape of the wearers foot. The shoe comes in three different color offerings and the Gore Tex ventilation system on the sides of the shoe make it far more appealing to look at. The Gore Tex vents make the shoes look like they are about to launch an adrenaline boosted frenzy of fumes in the air hwile leaving the competition behind.


Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The transition from the heel to toe section could not be called anything less than sheer natural! Incidentally, that is what these shoes are all about. The Biom Natural Motion technology and the padded innersole that is fitted with the Gore Tex Surround padding makes it the best of running shoes out there for the buck. There is not much of an elevation when it comes to the heel of the shoe being in line with the toe section of the shoe.the bevelled heel shape makes all of this possible, which is due to the Natural Motion tech in the shoe that is deliberately meant to keep the wearer close to the ground for that added support and stability. ECCO-Biom-Venture-front-view-1

Fittings Feature


This is where the Natural Motion actually kicks in, and begins showing its actual prowess. The shoes are designed to keep the wearer much closer to the ground, so that they are able to experience that feedback from the very ground beneath their feet. Naturally, a naked foot would grab the ground and spread out on the surface, as far as it could, using up the entire space to provide stability to the entire body, from the ankles, up to the hips. Try taking a swing of a golf stick with a pair of these on and you will instantly come to know what it really means to stay close to the ground, even with shoes on!ECCO-Biom-Venture-back-view-1

Package Feature


The shoes have been specifically designed after much research and effort. These shoes are designed to take the shape of the wearers foot as soon as he steps into them. It feels more like second skin instead of a shoe when the foot has finally set in. The shoe clings to the foot of the wearer and keeps it tight and steady, with a glove like fit, while giving the wearer enough space to move their feet around without so much of an effort.

Cushioning Feature


The material is unlike anything that has ever been used on any other shoe before. However, there is the option to shift from the traditional sport shoe look and move to the Yak Leather version of the shoe. There is not much difference when it comes to the material packaging that went behind making this beauty come to life. 


Grip Features


The inner of the shoe is lined with walls of padded cushioning that makes it an ideal wearable for the everyday jogger as well as the adventure enthusiast. The innersole of the shoe is detachable and comes with the Gore Tex membrane fitted right underneath that pushes the heat and moisture out of the shoe through the ventilation on the sides of the shoe. Although the tongue of the shoe is not lined with very padding, it still does a decent job of not creating any issues for the wearer, but rather lets them feel more comfortable due to the increase in gap due to the decrease in the depth of the tongue.


Grip Features


These shoes come fitted with a multi-purpose outer rubber sole that has a structural inner binding behind the ankle area to keep the foot in place. The outer sole is made from toughened rubber, where the toe and the heel section are inspired by the tires of a mountain bike, the mid area is kept isolated from such deep grooves. This comes from the idea of being able to easily ride a bicycle without having to deal with adjustment of foot on the pedal. That is the very exact reason what led to creating such a unique outer sole for the shoe.

Weight Features


The shoes are designed from super lightweight mesh like material that barely make a difference in adding weight to the wearer’s feet. One could barely feel these shoes a few minutes after taking a stroll in a pair of these. The rubber that goes into making the outer sole is also of the highest quality and the finest grade due to the fact that it is ultra lightweight. Put on a pair of these and run out for your daily dose of adventure and realism. Walk, jump or run, the Boim Venture will always be there to venture out with you.

Stability Features


The Ecco Biom Venture could well be called the best in class shoe for the extreme adventure lover as well as for the casual wearer, however, if you are just the average everyday runner and have a passion towards it, then these are just the shoes for you. Nevermind the price, but if you love the looks and want the feel of being in one of the most premium shoes one has ever come across, then go for it without so much as a doubt.