Ecco Saunter Chelsea Leather Boot Review

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  • Specially designed for the urban you and crafted for hiking the most treacherous of trails.
  • The shoe is highly durable and unimaginably lightweight.
  • Waterproof is the new go for leather shoes and this is a true marvel that has excelled in the field.
  • Easily grip brings along a well-contoured shoe that fits all terrains.


  • Well, of course, the price range because it is hiking shoes and developed by Ecco.
  • Might be a bit grim for the people trying hiking sole for the first time.
  • Hiking shoes take a little time for new wearers to fit into.

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Ecco Saunter chelsea boot-leather for women is made with ultimate eminence leather, imported rubber sole, Outdoor encouraged upper sole, in oiled with yak Nubuck leathers with sharp details and a lenient, calm fit yes you can get all these luxuries in just a one box containing Ecco Saunter chelsea boot-leather for women.


These shoes are designed with a high-tech Waterproof edifice to ensure dry, relaxed feet in any weather, this shoe got Direct-Injected PU foam midsole, and spare-soft strobe providing on-going hot and advanced ambulatory relief, it is made with scream RECEPTOR LITE ability to diminish the weight of the shoes while bringing spirited nourishment from ground result to toe-off these are Frivolous yet robust rubber outsole for unresolved grip and weight over the different outline varieties.


Ecco shoes is a famous brand which is well-known for their high durability and stable shoes, the faultless craftsmanship on the boots of this company is a trailblazing product.


Ecco Saunter chelsea boot-leather for women are made with a coating of reasonable factual to bring a highly griped shoes. Ecco developed a high-tech sole that is light, agile, rough and steady with a thick outline for extra relief. Conservative long boots designed to fit across your feet at the toes,  preventive the way your toes spread as you walk.


Ecco Saunter chelsea boot-leather for women boot is different; it offers a expansive toe box and tremors more hardly from heel to instep, allows its wearer to run, and walk. Shoe weight absolutely less and enable its wearer to carry without extra weight. This pair of shoes is suitable for your vacation out in the mountain ranges.


There is no evaluation of these hiking shoes and your trekking kit. Ecco Saunter chelsea boot-leather for women A light long boot shoe with an outdoor-inspired higher which are made from oiled yak nubuck leather with rugged details and a soft, comfortable fit.


Ecco Saunter chelsea boot-leather for women is a shoe which is covered with the leather moderated footbed. These long boots are Direct-injected, one-component polyurethane outsole with tremor opinion provisions increased justifying, loyalty and toughness of the shoe, and these are made with high imported materials.


Simple, standard and extremely wearable, this ladies Chelsea boot has been carried up to date with female stitch listing and the use of handsomely soft tanned leather chosen precisely for its softness and flexibility.


The result is a boot that wraps around your foot like a second skin, flexing and moving naturally with every step. The GORE-TEX waterproof lining keeps dampness out while allowing your skin to respire. The 25mm heel and PU sole are agile, even on greasy surfaces


Ecco Saunter chelsea boot-leather for women are crafted with control with the thought of the very firmness of the human foot to stay one-on-one to the ground.


The human foot has progressive over the epochs only to adapt to its normal environs, taking the shape of anything it was placed on. That is where the idea of Natural Motion comes from.


You could readily be articulate that it’s only a shoe that we are talking about here but, that is not just it. We are talking about something far more front-line product by Ecco!!


ECCO Shoes is a Danish brand fashioned and started in 1963 by Karl Toosbuy, in Bredebro, In 1998, ECCO shoes faced glitches with high production of shoes.


Ecco shoes suffered losses due to a construction obligation linking the alignment of sole considerable – hydrolysis of the merged polyurethane – the soles disjointed after only one to five years. After discovering the source of the problem, ECCO changed the procedure of its sole substantial mark.


The company began with just the manufacture of footwear but has since sustained into a beautiful leather production, as well as accessories and small leather goods. The first stores by ECCO firm shoes unlocked as a first retail store in Denmark in 1982.


ECCO products are sold worldwide approx in  88 countries at 3,060 ECCO shops and shop-in-shops, and at more than 14,000 sales points around the world. The company is family-owned and employs 19,800 people all-inclusive.

Design Feature


Talking about the design of the Ecco Saunter chelsea boot-leather for women well, it takes its connotation and limbs from the symbolic of a human foot to climb it is designed to hike high mountain ranges. The design of the shoe is spotless for the foot of the women, by considering the shape and size of women foot ECCO’s Ecco Saunter chelsea boot-leather for women is a seamless choice this well-crafted long boot Ecco Saunter chelsea boot-leather for women will add joy to your walking. The shoes are designed from super quality leather  like extensive that barely make a change in adding weight to the wearer’s feet. One could scarcely feel these shoes rare actions next taking an amble in a pair of these lovely shaped shoes.

Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The heel to toe transition of Ecco Saunter chelsea boot-leather for women segment could not be blessed anything less than sheer natural! Parenthetically, that is what these shoes are all about. The Ecco Saunter chelsea boot-leather for women gives the wearer expected feel motion because these are very finely crafted and padded its innersole with easy-going pad making the best shoes for women out with the bucks. Finally,  is nothing to brag about when it comes to the heel to toe development, its slanting heel contour makes all of this likely, which is due to the unwavering nod tech in the shoe that is deliberately ordained to save the wearer near to the ground with uneven geographical regions for that extra legacy and difficulty.


Fittings Feature


These Ecco Saunter chelsea boot-leather for women shoes are premeditated to feel the definite motion and adjust the balance therefore actually kicks in and initiates showing its real proficiency. The shoes are planned to keep the of these shoes gives best of the result it keeps the wearer much closer to the ground so that they can grip on the rugged surfaces. Try spending your whole day at a party with a pair of these on, and you will instantly come to know what it means to stay close to the ground, even with shoes on, it makes you feel so steady and hassle-free.

Package Feature


Ecco Saunter chelsea boot-leather for women has been arranged after much review and claim. It takes the shape of the wearer’s foot and gives you the idyllic fit right from the minute you step into them; these chelsea boots have overtly been deliberate by bearing in mind the figure and size of a female foot. The shoe makes you stick and keeps it fitted and firm, and stains less affliction on the wearer.


Cushioning Feature


The material used in the manufacturing for Ecco Saunter Chelsea boot-leather for women shoes is unlike anything that has ever been used on any other shoe before. Contrariwise, there is the option to shift from the old-style long shoe look to this astonishingly design marvellous piece


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Grip Features


The inner of the sole Ecco Saunter chelsea boot-leather for women is lined with walls of overstated upholding that makes it an ideal wearable for the everyday working woman. The innersole of the shoe is isolatable and comes with the Gore-Tex skin fitted right underneath that pushes the warmth and wetness out of the pump through the ventilation on the sides of the shoe.

Grip Features


Ecco Saunter chelsea boot-leather for women is custom-made with a multi-purpose outer rubber sole that has a stable inner compulsory behind the ankle area to keep the foot in place. Helps you to pressurise grip on uneven contours The outer bottom of Ecco Saunter Chelsea boot-leather for women is made from cynical rubber. This comes from the idea of being able to hastily walk without having to contract with the kind of deviant.


Weight Features


The shoes are planned from a fantastic frivolous mesh-like sizable that hardly makes a variance in count weight to the wearer’s feet. One could barely feel these shoes a few minutes next taking a mooch in a pair of these. The latex that goes into assembly the exterior sole is also of the highest quality and the gorgeous grade because it is extremist lightweight to trek around easily.

Stability Features


Ecco shoes have made possible with the perfect mixture of practices of pump crafting to manufacture a masterpiece like Ecco Saunter Chelsea, this Danish brand all with obstinate and biochemical succeeded to generate a superlative footwear for men for hiking  It is stylish and however extremely industrial for the human foot that acts on behalf of like subsequent covering protecting your feet with outside climate.

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