Ecco Soft 5 Mary Jane

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  • New appealing look
  • Good breathability
  • Has great fitting and security


  • The grip can be more improved

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The all-new Ecco classic Mary Jane style shoes have a new level of shoes in the market. These new women shoes are simple as well as fashionable at the same time.


These new comfortable shoes are presented in the style of Mary Jane look, Which is trending nowadays. These shoes can go with the sporty look as well as casual look. They have a perfect streamline appearance.


As the matter of technologies as the fabric used the shoes are highly technically based and are prepared from very modified fabric and tools despite its look.


This stylish mary jane shoes  is made up of synthetic leather along with this leather they have added mesh-like fabric to increase breathability also there are perforations on the top of leather which are provided in a decent texture.


They have provided a hook and loop strap for adjusting the size and fitting.


If we come to the technology use, they have used Ecco comfort fibre system as well as fluid form technology. By compiling both of the technology Ecco gives a mark of its company everywhere in the market.


Every shoe made up these technologies have its speciality, and it is most preferred. The fluid form technology gives your feet a natural movement all along the day. It makes the outsole to perform extraordinarily.


This technology gives a jointless attachment of sole and the base of the shoes. The enclosure is so firm and stable that it cannot be separated easily.


Talking about the Ecco comfort fibre system. It is a new technology that is invented by the ECCO company. They made insole of the shoe a newly modified insole which controls breathability matter, hygienic matter and natural movement of the shoes.


They have provided this shoes with an anatomical footbed. This footbed look likes a thin film from outside but a very complicated and highly technically made from the inside. These soles have two layers of insoles.


The first layer is made up of tanned animal leather which is light in weight because of this lightweight they help in trapping the moisture and sweat from the feet all day long.


The second layer is made up of Ecco comfort fibre fabric. This fabric helps in absorbing circulating and throwing out the moisture out of the shoes.


The second layer of insole contains small perforations along the lining of the sole. This helps in circulating the air around the shoes and keeping the environment relaxing.


These soles also have a pumping effect present in an open sense structure. This effect helps in changing the cool air with hot air.


It throws the hot air outside and keeps the cool air inside of the shoes. These soles also have an anti-bacterial technology. This technology in charges about bacteria population and senses the odour and keeps both the things at the minimum level.


The midsole of the ecco mary jane shoes is made up of TPU. Midsole acts like those pillars in a building which protects the building from very harmful environmental conditions and support the building throughout.


To make this midsole function outstanding, they have provided a direct injection method on to the midsole and inner grooves of the shoes by this method. The midsole is fully transformed into a newly improvised midsole.


By this midsole become flexible supportive and stable as well as is very durable.


The outsole of the shoes is prepared from PU rubber material. This rubber is durable strong and supportive but to make it highly functional; they use it with direct injection by this method.


There is a firm attachment in between the sole and the inner grooves of the shoes the outsole is provided with texture in a block pattern, As well as flex slots to keep fiction at maximum level.

Design Feature


The design of thes eecco soft 5 mary jane shoes is just like of Mary Jane style. They are like bellies with a strap on it for security and adjustment feature. These shoes have an appealing style which comes in two colors that are black concrete and moon rock colour.


They are made up of leather which is pure and are having gradient texture. They provide a mesh-like fabric along with leather to be sewed in the layer to layer. This is because of breathability matter.

Also, they have offered little perforations on the top of the shoes for providing breathability. They have a very sophisticated look which can go with casual as well as sporty look.

Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The heal to the transition of Ecco Soft 5 Mary Jane is like normal bellies having some new modifications. They have a round toe which helps to keep feet comfortable and not trapped and tight inside the shoes.


They have the same size from front to the back because there is no change in height or arch of the shoes, as well as they,  have added Velcro strap for adjustment. These shoes are very comfortable, and there is no tight feeling when you wear it all day night.

Fittings Feature


The stability of these ecco shoes is known for its midsole used here. They have used a high-grade TPU rubber material midsole. This midsole is modified using direct injection method.


By this, this TPU rubber is melted and poured into the deep wells present at the shoes. This gives a powerful attachment of midsole and shoe as well as gives strength to the midsole of the shoe. This midsole keeps the shoe stable from all the environmental conditions as well as gives inner strength to the shoes.


The midsole of these shoes gives extra life to the shoes.

Package Feature


Fitting of the shoes is like normal bellies. They have the same size all along the shoes which provide an approximately right fitting of the shoes. Also, they have added a leather strap having Velcro for the attachment.


This provides adjusting factor to the shoes. These shoes have extra cushions around the shoe body to provide more fitting as well as more security to the feet. You will have a perfect silhouette with more comfortableness.

Cushioning Feature


The material used for the preparation of Ecco Soft 5 Mary Jane is just like sports shoes. They have used leather for the upper body. The leather they have used is raw and are having gradient texture on it.


But leather they have used is not breathable, so they have to sew the lining of mesh-like fabric along with the leather.


Also, they have provided perforation holes on the upper body mainly in the front. Both of these provides the best breathability to the shoes.

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Grip Features


Although Ecco Soft 5 Mary Jane looks simple from the outside but are very schematic from the inside. They have used inlay sole made up of the anatomical footbed. This footbed is highly technical footbed which includes lots of functions in it. The insole is provided with two layers of soles.


First one is made of light leather which provides trapping of sweat and moisture in the shoes. The second layer is made of fibrous fabric. This fabric provides multifunction to the shoes. They have an anti-bacterial system which ensures the level of bacteria and odour level to the minimum.


Also, it has a pumping effect which throws out hot air and keeps the air to circulate all the time.

Grip Features


The outsole of this shoes is prepared with PU rubber which The direct injection method used under the authority of fluid form technology gives these soles an ultimate transformation compares to the ordinary outsole; these outsoles are flexible for easy wearing powerful for daily purpose use. These outsoles are provided with a lot of grooves at different sections, Which creates frictions between the surface and shoes. This gives these shoes excellent grip and holds to the surface.


Direct injection method enables a seem less fitting of soles to the surface of shoes for this purpose inner grooves must be present on the shoes melted form of PU rubber sole is poured on to the inner grooves making the rubber material sinking in deep wells, so there is no need of sticking or glue required.

Weight Features


The weight of these shoes is very light weighted. They have used midsole, and outsole made up PU rubber material. This material is found very light in its weight. Also, the leather used for the body is very light weighted leather.


It is manufactured in Ecco factory to keep weight factor on top. The mesh used along the leather is light which helps in breathability. Also, the cushions they have used for the inner system is very light weighed that it will feel like a feather.

Stability Features


To sum up all the things, Ecco classic Mary Jane shoes are a perfect match for the casual as well as sporty look. They are light weighted, durable and flexible. Has a strap for security?


They have best cushioning inside for cosy feeling and comfortability. Breathability is good, and air can circulate in an out. These shoes are great for the summer look.Thus making it one of the best shoes for women.

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