Mizuno Wave Enigma 6

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  • It felt like a glove that is fairly responsive and flexible.
  • The colour and exterior of the shoe us charming.
  • It is light-weighted.
  • Underfoot platform is nicely cushioned.
  • Users defined their running sessions as comfortable and satisfactory.
  • The midsole are described to be excellent.
  • The ground feeling adequate.
  • It has enough room for relaxation of the foot.


  • The colour options are not attractive and appealing.
  • The price of Enigma 6 is high.
  • The heel area of the cushioning system is not efficient.
  • The Wave plate if found to be contracted.
  • The heel caused discomfort to the feet.
  • The toe-box is narrower.
  • It lacked the width for a wider foot-dimension.

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Mizuno Wave Enigma 6 was launched in the month of October 2016 as a running shoe. The Wave Enigma 6 is mainly created for neutral running for a road-friendly experience.



It is available for both men and women. It has a new semi-stretch mesh which gives cushioning and comfort for everyday use. It’s convenient and comfortable and sits stable at its base. It is excellent in terms of looks and proves to be more than just being an everyday running shoe.



At the underfoot area, a full-length foam unit is provided that delivers response and cushioning in form an U4ic technology.



A lighter one of this is U4icxX that sits under the heels which gives a softer underfoot experience. It has an open construction that allows air to enter the foot-chamber to make the shoe well-ventilated.



The Wave Enigma 6 an extended Wave Plate that gives meshed harshness which helps in achieving a smoother and efficient heel-to-toe transition. The drop transition is 12 mm and is found to be good for runners.



The flexible midsole provides shock absorption feature despite being a minimal shoe. It has a wave-like midsole material and provides great energy return to the racer or runner. It has a seamless AirMesh upper which is really breathable.



The Mizuno Wave plate is made up of an elastic material which runs from the rear of the platform to the midfoot area of the shoe. It contributes to the bouncy ride with more added cushioning.



The main foam components are responsible for reliable and long-lasting cushioning of the shoes.



The outsole unit comprises 2 rubber compounds which gives a responsible and dependable traction on roads while running. It also provides cushioning to the foot and keeps the performance of the shoes natural and easy.



It has an all new redesigned cloud wave plate that gives an overall softer and smoother running experience. Wave technology uses a thin plastic unit built on the heel to the midfoot region for making the shoes more flexible and impactful.  



Below all this there is an X-10 outsole unit which is durable enough for giving nice traction and gripping of a variety of surfaces. A stretchable material in the forefoot and collar area makes its cover system more enthusiasts for natural foot movements.



The midsole units use technologies and systems that work together for shock absorption. The weight of Enigma 6 is very high, around 11.3 oz., or say 11.9 ounces for men’s version and 9.4 ounces for women’s version. The shoes are fully ventilated and Mizuno has added drainage holes that can alleviate water from it.



Mizuno uses its Dynamotion Fit for giving a soft and supportive feel for the foot. The flex grooves adds to the flex heel. The fitting is compacted and secured with enough regulation.



The laces works with the synthetic overlays of the outsole to get it all secured. A waterproof liner and the upper leather material construction are provided for proper ventilation and breathability.



The combination of a relatively thin upper as well as breathability stretch fabric along with the top of the foot combines to keep everything cool inside the shoe. Both men’s and women’s version of the shoe shows a nicer fit and function.



The shoes really felt comfortable. The thin and stretchy upper material fits well around the foot without being bounded. They fit above the ankle area so they provided pretty well amount of stability even on some loose and slippery floors.



They have a minimal padding underfoot and contribute to the lightweight of the shoe. The Smooth Ride technology makes use of a chain of grooves which works in combination with the midsole components to deliver a smoother and comfortable ride everytime you wear it.



The Ortholite Sockliner used in the shoe has certain anti-microbial and moisture insoles that give a healthy and fresh environment to the feet. The underfoot platform is enough flexible and with an acknowledged fit.



Air can be easily entered into the foot-chamber quickly because of its breathable nature of these fabrics. The flex groves and flex controller works together underfoot in order to perform a natural running experience.

Design Feature


They are made up of a redesigned cloud wave plate that gives an overall subtle and smoother running experience. It is equipped with an articulated U4icX technology heel wedge that creates more cushioning within the shoes. Mizuno Dynamotion fit with an engineered mesh enhanced the breathability and movements.


Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The heel drop transition is very high with 12.6 mm with a softer heel cushioning and the heel height is 39.5 mm. The heel cushioning is soft and the forefoot height is very high with 26.9 mm. The forefoot cushioning is soft and gives out least energy return.


Fittings Feature


The Wave Enigma 6 has an elegant fitting featuring an improved and developed in Triple Zone engineered mesh. This is responsible for delivering improved breathability, movements and stability throughout the running process. The midsole groves are also called as SmmothRide technology for increased flexibility.

Package Feature


The Mizuno Wave Creation 18 has a standard running shoe length. Regular measurement was used for sizing schemes of this 18th version. The widths available in this model for both men and women’s are wider and medium, so they are easy to fit on a wider foot dimensions also.


The slender stretchy component in the upper part fits well around the foot without being bounded enough. They befitting above the ankle area is there so they can have a higher amount of stability even on some loose and slippery surfaces.

Cushioning Feature


Mizuno Wave plate is made up of a highly flexible and malleable material which runs from the end of the platform to the middle foot area of the shoe. The outer sole unit have a dual rubber compounds which gives a dependable traction on roads while running or walking.


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Grip Features


The Ortholite Sock Liner provides more cushioning in the underfoot region. It carries anti-microbial and anti-moisture properties which make the interior of the shoes to be everytime fresh and cleaner.   The Smooth Ride mechanism most of the time makes use of a chain of toils which works together with the midsole compounds to give a smoother and protective ride everytime you wear it.   The Mizuno Wave plate is made up of a malleable material which runs from the end of the platform to the midfoot area of the shoe.

Grip Features


X10 is a high quality rubber compound equipped in the outsole which is made up of a durable carbon rubber. These are placed in the heel section, and give a nice traction and gripping and protect the shoes from being slipped or create chafing.   The outer sole of Wave Enigma 6 is created with two rubber material both in favour to give a responsive and dependable traction to the shoe on variations of terrains and grounds while during running or workouts sessions.


Weight Features


The considerable weight of Enigma 6 is quiet higher to about 11.9 ounces for men and 9.4 ounces for women. The shoes are not considered as light-weight options among the running shoes and the upper material used is responsible for its heavy weight. Due to the weight issues, runners sometime find it less preferred but no one can beat this in terms of comfort levels.

Stability Features


Mizuno Wave Enigma 6 is a running shoe for neutral runners. It delivers strong performance and quality services to its neutral running and maintain as an everyday shoe. It has an appreciable adaptability for maintaining an active lifestyle.   The underfoot cushioning of this 6th edition is not so responsive. These are recommended for the purpose of everyday running sessions and majority of people who have used it described it supportive and comfortable.   Mizuno Wave Enigma 6 is a mid-range training running shoe designed for people who loves to take to the roads. This 6th version of Wave Enigma series has a toned-down look compared to its predecessors, making this one the most appealing.   The upper unit of the shoe makes the most use of fabrics that gives a more secure and compact fitting.

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