New Balance Fresh Foam 890 v5


  • Its elegant and lush interior and the Fresh Foam combines together to provide a comfortable ride.
  • It is a versatile all-rounder shoe because it helps us perform best in any kind of activity.
  • The shock absorption properties of the shoe are excellent.
  • The breathability of the shoe is made with a breathable mesh and a perforated saddle.
  • It has a light-weighted stability.
  • For better traction and grip, the outsole has been included with tough rubber that shoes excellent performance on rough surfaces.
  • It has a perfect blend of comfort and stability.
  • The shoe has a unique design which goes perfect with runners who over-pronates.
  • The shoe also goes perfectly with a wider foot people, for all wide widths.
  • Wearing the day for all day long didn’t cause any discomfort to the runners.


  • It has a narrow fit.
  • It takes sometime before finally make the foot feel comfortable.
  • The shoe is not so much satisfactorily durable.

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New Balance Fresh Foam 890 v5 is mainly a neutral running shoe. The shoe was released in the month of March 2015. They are designed to be specially used on road, pavements and sloppy surfaces.


They are generally ideal for longer duration running, for basic training activities, or just for normal daily walking purposes or say everyday use. It cushioning bear the load of repeated striking of shoes on the ground and its light-weight low drop transition has a minimalistic effect.


It provides an excellent comfort for every type of run because it possesses a low drop height.


The midsole of the shoe are made up of EVA foam with a thick structure. The dense Fresh Foam in the shoe runs throughout the entire length of the shoe. The midsole offer superb responsiveness and stability.


EVA midsoles are found more thick and tough than other running shoe. The midsole in this model have a removable insole. This removable insole features a personal customization for the runner.


The upper of New Balance Fresh Foam 890 v5 features a Fantom fit that is made up of engineered mesh material. The upper is actually made up of two types of mesh materials. These two materials combines together to make a smooth and consistent design. The shoes can be wire with or without a sock.


The cushioning midsole hold the foot and keep it stable when the shoe strikes the ground. The compacted upper has a great comfort and stability. The versatile flexibility of the shoe adds to the more comfort and make the shoe fairly comfortable.


The midsole of 890 v5 contain a REVlite midsole foam technology. Alongside it is also equipped with the ABZORB shock attenuating an absorbing technology.


The REVlite material is created with a compound that is known best for giving high responsiveness and durability characteristics. ABZORB technology has been added to give the shoes.


The outsole is built with a high-impacted carbon rubber which has the capability to provide durability while its enhanced blown rubber increases its responsiveness and cushioning properties. It also delivers a good traction on smooth surfaces like pavements and roads.


The shock attenuating material and the almost flat treading have made the shoe best for running and developing a further fast running techniques and measures, which have been achieved through its excellent stability.


The combination of midsole and the outsole technologies have made the shoe more light-weighted without restricting it from any kind of surface. Shoe provides a soft and smooth cushioning effect due to Fresh Foam used in the outsole.


The blown rubber shows excellent traction and gripping on roads. Both this rubber has excellent shock attenuation properties and is highly durable. To provide the right amount of flexibility to the shoes, flex grooves have been bended horizontally in the 890 v5.


The weight of New Balance Fresh Foam 890 v5 model is 244 grams for men’s pair and 248 grams for women’s pair of 890 v5. This weight of the shoe goes appropriate for speedy running or works best during long runs day. It is light-weighted although is a stability shoe.


The weight is considerably lower as compared to other models of New Balance. It still feels so light and gives a responsive feeling every time. The heel to toe drop transition is 8 mm for both men and women pair.


The Fresh Foam has a perfect classy and signature look of the New Balance brand and raising its bar high with a perfect stylish look again.

Design Feature


The style is overall pleasant and elegant. This model is available in a variety of color options. The shoes are not at all heavily handled one and looked really slim and sleek with the added Fresh Foam in it.


Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The toe drop transition of heel is a mere of 8 mm for both gender runners. This makes the shoe more feels like minimalistic one and with a natural feeling. The heel height for both men and women’s pair of 890 v5 is 23 mm.


The forefoot height for both is 15 mm. This is mainly for runners who like durability, flexibility and responsiveness occupied in a minimalistic shoe. Even though they possess a lower heel drop, they are fully occupied with added cushioning and stability within it.

Fittings Feature


The middle sole of 890 v5 contain a REVlite midsole foam mechanism that works along with an ABZORB shock assimilating and absorbing technology. The REVlite component is prepared with a compound that has the best responsiveness outlook and durability featuring.


Package Feature


The fitting of Fresh Foam 890 v5 is generally a Fantom fit that provides a supportive fit to the shoes without adding too much weight in its construction. Runners are satisfied in their runs because its forefoot has a right amount of absolute area for the toes to curve and to hold the runners with a wider foot than usual. The available widths are narrow, normal and wide one

Cushioning Feature


The middle sole unit of the shoe is made up of ethylene vinyl acetate foam with a thick structuring and functioning. The heavy and solid Fresh Foam in the shoe runs throughout the entire dimension of the shoe. The midsole offer high responsive action and feeling along with stability.


REVlite midsole foam mechanism is also enriched with the ABZORB shock assimilating mechanism and absorbing techniques. The REVlite material is formulated with a material that is known best for active performance and responsive characteristics.

Grip Features


The cushioning middle sole hold the foot tightly and keep it stable when the shoe lands on the ground. The heavier upper has a great comfort and stability with an all-rounder flexibility that adds to more comfort and make the shoe fairly comfortable. The Fresh Foam generally makes the shoe give a soft and smooth cushioning.


The blown rubber component shows an excellent traction and gripping on roads and pavements. Both these rubber have nice shock attenuation feature and is highly durable. The flex grooves in the v5 has been bended horizontally, offering the right amount of flexibility to the shoes.

Grip Features


The outer sole is built with a high enhancing endurance carbon rubber compound which has the ability to provide durability while increasing its responsiveness. It also gives a good traction on smooth surfaces like pavements and roads with a newly added deep cut along the heel to middle foot area of the outer sole.


Weight Features


The considerable weight of Fresh Foam 890 v5 is 244 and 248 grams for men and women runners. This weight fluctuates according with the speedy runs or works best during long running day. A combination of midsole and the outer sole have made the shoe a well-lighted one without compromising from any kind of surface.

Stability Features


New Balance Fresh Foam 890 v5 is neutral running shoe that can be used for any purpose. It can be worn for everyday normal use or for higher training and gyp sessions. It goes perfectly with higher durability and comfort for long distance runs. It shoes perfect grip on roads, gravel, pavements or tracked terrains.


The shoe makes the runners felt like secured and within high comfort after wearing it. Mild-pronators runners will find the shoe a better option for them from which they can be benefited.


890 v5 is the 5th generation of the New Balance 890 series of running shoes. Its fresh foams are really super light and equipped with a comfortable upper portion. They show an outstanding performance in terms of comfort for every type of run because it possesses a low drop height.


They are usually ideal for longer duration runs, from basic training sessions, to just for normal daily walk for a here and there everyday use. The shoes are designed for both women and men as a stable multi-purpose neutral running shoe.