Newton Distance Elite


  • Greet cushioning
  • Good stability
  • Good traction
  • Very lightweight


  • No cons observed

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The Newton is a newly emerging company and is a small-scale industry. But still, it is focused to provide the customers with a high-quality shoe which is having good features in it.


For this, they have made a new pump that is Newton Distance Elite shoe. The pump is low profile shoe having almost no drop. And thus, it can be used casually because of the colors it is available in.


The Newton Distance Elite is a regular shoe that can be used for day to day walking or for low session workout.


In reality, the pump was created for the top-level racers who want a top-level shoe that won’t disappoint them. But in some area, it is not as good as expected. The shoe is prepared with the lightweight and seamless materials which enhances the flexibility and durability of the shoe. And also, it provides proper fitting to the shoe.


The shoe has a lot of technologies in which one is Action/Reaction technology which is present in the outsole. The purpose of using this technology is that it provides a firm, comfortable, smoother and bouncy ride every time you wear it.


The outsole of newton distance elite is made from the high-density rubber which is placed mainly in the midfoot area. And the heel is having new features like they have used a lightweight EVA foam which increases the cushioning.


Moreover, the carbon rubber is also used which provides excellent durability. They have used Newton’s Action/Reaction lugs under the foot and these lugs provide excellent bounce back feeling. And also, it provides protection to the shoe from wearing and tearing.


The design of the outsole is differently created to provide close contact to the ground, and thus it provides a feeling like walking barefooted on the surface.


The rubber used outside of the outsole is having deep grooves which let the shoes stick to the surface for very long and provides excellent grip. While the carbon rubber helps in increasing the grip and the durability of the shoe.


The midsole of these shoes is prepared in a thin structure, and thus it does not affect the weight of the shoe. The cushioning is enough for the shoe to make you feel comfortable all the time.


The action and reaction lugs help to gain shock absorption and responsiveness. Because of the presence of flex grooves in the shoe, it is more flexible and durable.


The upper of these shoes are made with a very breathable mesh which is having a lot of pores on it.


The mesh is known as an open mesh which is created to keep the feet dry and refreshing every time. And even the material is having a quality of quick-drying which keeps the feet more comfortable and snugger. There will be no sweat and stickiness. The laces are placed asymmetrically on the shoe. This is done because by this the shoe will not be able to let your feet slip and twist.


Also, the metal eyelets are installed over laces to provide excellent durability of the shoe. By this, the laces won’t go anywhere.


The flexibility in the shoe is made with the help of technology that is installed in these shoes.


The Action/Reaction technology gives everything it needs to get flexibility. The technology is placed on the forefoot and the rear foot region. But due to it, there is less flexibility.


But still, the uppers and the midsole make a balance and makes it flexible. The shoe is stable and flexible because of the airy mesh and the midsole.

Design Feature


  • It comes in a lot of bright colors that don’t make you wink your eyes.
  • But it looks more attractive and can be used on a daily basis. But if we come to design, Newton Is a newly emerging company which is still emerging and struggling in it.
  • So, it still focuses more on the features and less on the style. So, to make it a bit more trendy, the colors are provided to the shoe.


Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

  • The drop of newton distance elite is very low, and it is 2mm. This is almost no drop. But this is the character of the newton running shoes.
  • The low drop of heel helps to achieve those natural motions and feel with which you will get a feeling like barefooted.
  • It is like a second skin you wear while running and thus it helps to achieve your natural feel, and it makes your mood calm and relaxes.
  • But those runners who usually run on high drop will not be comfortable on these shoes. So, this is the only point.

Fittings Feature


  • For se of stability, the shoe is having a great midsole and the outsole. The technology used in these shoes is excellent. And the name of the technology is action and reaction.
  • And the lugs are also present with the same name. But still because of the thin midsole, on the harsh and unstable surface, there will be uncomfortableness that can be experienced.
  • So, there is little low- low regarding stability. Also because of the lightweight, these shoes will not feel you so much. Thus it can decrease the stability.


Package Feature


  • For the fitting purpose of the shoe, the shoe is provided with the excellent quality of upper.
  • These uppers help to tightly hold the shoe and thus it gives a great fit. While the sock liners are also inside the shoe which gives an extra hold form the inside of the shoe.
  • Thus, it does not let your foot to slip away. Also, the laces are placed asymmetrically making hugely customizable fir.

Cushioning Feature


  • The material packaging of these shoes I concentrated on every area.
  • For midsole, they have used thin and light material but still provides a considerable amount of cushioning.
  • While the outsole is provided with high technology to make it responsive, Grippy and stable.


Grip Features


  • The cushioning in these shoes is exceptional and stable. The meaning of this line is that these shoes have a sock liner type glove present inside the shoe.
  • This sock liner helps in giving a significant amount of cushioning. And also, it helps to achieve high stability because that sock liner will hold the shoe also the shoe is featuring a full toe box which gives extra space for the feet to relax in it.
  • This also helps in attaining a natural movement along with the outsole. The cushion padding is mostly concentrated on the forefoot and the rearfoot.
  • The traction lugs also help to give these cushioning some stability. Also, the collar is padded, and thus it provides a smooth ride. Also because of this, there are fewer chances of blisters and irritation.

Grip Features


  • The traction in these shoes is excellent because of their new technology.
  • The Action/Reaction technology and lugs present in the shoe makes it provable with a low heel. This helps in absorbing the shock at maximum level and also it gives a bouncy back feeling.
  • Because of the lightweight, the running is enjoyable, and it increases the speed of the runner. So, you can go in a long-distance marathon or short race. You will enjoy both of the versions of race.
  • The shoe supports the conventional type of archer, and thus it provides excellent stability.
  • But the only negative thing about these shoes is that it is too good for the sudden movements of the shoe. And you can slip in these shoes. But still makes its impact on a minimum level, some of the laces are places asymmetrical which gives you some support.


Weight Features


The weight of The Newton Distance Elite is very light, and thus it is mostly preferred by a lot of runners.

  • The weight of the shoe is 7.6 ounces or 215 grams for men’s and 6.2 ounces or 176 grams for women’s.
  • It can be used for long races, and thus it is a great shoe with great features.
  • It helps to speed the running because you don’t have to drag your feet and you will feel it like walking on the ground.
  • This is only possible because of the midsole cushioning and lightweight material used for the construction of the shoe

Stability Features


The Newton Distance Elite is an excellent shoe with everything perfect in it. It is a lightweight shoe with good qualities in it. The only aim of the shoe is to provide you comfortability which is good in the shoe, with traction which is great is the shoes and durability. And almost everything in the shoe is having something in it which makes it super durable.