Nicholas Impulse Running Shoe Review


– Made from Super Lightweight Mesh upper
– Use of finest Rubber for Both Inner and Outer Sole
– Deep under sole grooves for better traction
– Highly Comfortable inner sole with anti-microbial padding
– Seamless transition of the heel section towards the front for better foot movement
– Super economical in terms of price


– Not sure about the long term durability
– The innersole seems a little bit off and could be improved
– The design could be improved a bit with better ergonomics

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The Nicholas Impulse is the next ‘Blue Devil’ of the company that has been manufactured by making use of some of the best quality fabric, rubber, and cloth. The best part of these shoes is that they are extremely easy to maintain and a little dirt can easily be rubbed off, without much effort. A mesh of high grade fabric and foam goes into making the Nicholas Impulse one of the best running shoes, presently in the market.  To the amusement of the customers, the shoes can also be customized according to the very detailed requirement of the client, as and when required. These shoes are crafted with the finest of materials available and the stitching is made from a kind of fiber based string that hold the entire upper of the shoe in place. The design element is also a fancy thing to look at as the shoes would readily appeal to the naked eye at the very first glance.

What the requirement states is the fact that people are looking for a decent, value for money, pair of running shoes that don’t burn a hole in their pockets, yet provide with the same amount of fit, feel and comfort when wearing one. The Nicholas Impulse that has come out recently is probably the best iteration of what could be called a running shoe in its truest form. It is nothing too bold, nor too shady but, it gives the feel of simple looking running shoe that promises to deliver unmatched results when it comes to factors like design, the fit and feel, the amount of comfort the shoe provides to the wearer, and finally the amount a buyer would have to pay for it.

Today, the country has evolved from being a rather slow paced and staggering population mass and transcended into a more health conscious pool of people who now take to a healthy lifestyle. This is where the role of intermediaries comes in when supplying the right product is the need of the hour. And, Nicholas Shoes have done just the thing. With all the hype going around the more renowned brands within the shoe manufacturing industry, Nicholas (established in 2000) has slowly but steadily picked up its pace in supplying with quality products to the people of India.

Although it has only been a short while that the Nicholas Impulse has been released by the company, the shoe has already grabbed the attention of a lot of attention since some time now. Well, let’s take a look at what made the Nicholas Impulse stand out in the crowd. Here is a complete rundown of the pointers that you should take a look at to decide on if you should get a pair for yourselves or not.

Design Feature


The design element of the Nicholas Impulse takes inspiration from the classic running shoes that were made from pure athletic pleasure. The shoe is covered with a rigidly built knitted fabric on the upper. The fabric comes in a blue and turquoise shade that is complemented by the free-running Nicholas logo on both sides of the shoe. The heel area of the shoe is covered by the same knitted fabric, colored in bright turquoise with the Nicholas Impulse brand tag at the center back of the heel. The shoe has a patch of TPU covering running down from the side of the ankle area that sports the new Flexrun mechanism of the shoe, which gives it the added capacity of free uninterrupted movement of the wearer’s footregardless of whether it is taken out for a simple jogging session or for a rough run across the city. 

Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The Nicholas Impulse is crafted and fitted with the most flexible and feedback friendly outer-sole unit available in the market. The Heel area is well protected by the thick rubber sole unit that stretches straight towards the toe portion of the shoe, ending in a slightly uplifted joining towards the tip of the shoe. The midsole of the shoe is covered in the bright turquoise color plays a very crucial role is providing support to the wearer’s foot movement. Now, the wearer could care less about the shoe and focus more on completing a few more laps out of sheer excitement that how wonderful the shoes actually are. 

Fittings Feature


The shoes come retrofitted with some of the best innersole, midsole and outer-sole unit that has been engineered to complement each other while providing unmatched comfort to the wearer while running or taking a mere walk around the park. The toughened rubber sole unit that is the heart of this shoe has been given the precise amount of thickness which is necessary to provide cushioning comfort to the wearer while making sure that no injury is sustained even when the shoes are taken for a rough ride. The foot movement within the shoe is carefully controlled to give the wearer a premium and stable feel when they have set their foot into a pair of these.

Package Feature


These shoes could well be declared as the best fit of the century. The Nicholas Impulse are so well designed that they can easily provide unmatched grip and in-shoe fit to the wearer regardless of their very foot type. Now, even if the wearer has a slim or a flat foot type, these shoes are sure to come up with unrivalled snug fit, while allowing enough breathing space for foot movement to take place without the indication of friction or increased stress on the wearer’s feet. The shoes are designed with perfect precision to make sure that the snug fit is only to the limit where it provides that feeling of enthusiasm to the wearer to stretch that extra mile and finish a few more laps around the park.

Cushioning Feature


The Nicholas Impulse is a sure-shot winner in this category owing to the quality and type of material that goes into making this blue devil shine out in the crowd. These shoes are crafted from the best quality knitted fabric available in the market, while the foam that is used comes from the best places of availability. The shoe tongue is made from a mixture of soft cloth and the well knitted fabric, which has a cushioned wall beneath it to support the wearer’s foot at all times. The pure rubber midsole and outsole unit are united in perfect harmony to give that additional support to every activity that the wearer would want to be a part of.

Grip Features


The inner of the Nicholas Impulse have been crafted to be lined with well cushioned padding that have the added ability of anti-microbial properties to keep the wearer’s foot healthy even after elongated periods of use. The inner sole of the shoe also contains a soft foam padding underneath it to give proper comfort to the foot without taking away any of the fun from it. Running is these shoes would rather feel like a breeze when it comes to the factor of cushioning. The inner wall is so well designed that there is no amount of friction between the shoe and the wearer’s foot. Put on a pair and move out into the world to flaunt your latest addition to crafting precision that you so truly deserve because you have been a true Impulse lover.

Grip Features


The under area of the sole unit of the shoes are fitted with a section of cut-out deep grooves that provides you with all you need to walk, run or even jump around. The grip on this shoe are made out of hardened rubber that has been tested to easily outlast all the natural ravages that the wearer is willing to throw at it. The shoes provide unparalleled grip and traction to the wearer’s foot, even when running at steep angles or doing that sharp turn near the end of the road. These shoes could well be called the transcendence of the naturally aspirated athlete to a more complete runner.

Weight Features


The Nicholas Impulse are running shoes in its truest nature and hence, it has been crafted with the super lightweight knitted fabric that compensates for the traditional cloth overlay to the upper of earlier running shoes, that were quite heavy in comparison. Also, the rubber sole unit is made after passing it through a process that makes it both durable and ultralight. The foam that has been used to create the cushioning and the inner sole padding of the shoe are also gathered from similar sources to suffice the overall weight of the shoe. The basic idea of a running shoe is that the wearer should not feel he is wearing anything at all, and these shoes do justice to that very fact.

Stability Features


All in all, a very good running shoe for all those fitness enthusiasts out there who love to live a healthy life. This shoe is specially designed to appeal to the economical consumer who loves to take a run around the park every morning. To be very precise, these shoes are actually made for the everyday runner who loves a goon sprint and enjoys the thrills of it.