Nike Air Zoom Structure 20


  1. Very light weighed shoes
  2. Great cushioning and breathability
  3. Stability is increased because of the improved midsole
  4. Fitting is improved


No cons observed

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The all-new Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 is the 20th edition of Nike air variety. These shoes are meant for those high professional trainers’ who cannot compromise their health of feet at any price.


These shoes have two crash pads, and upper body made up of lightweight mesh, the mesh material used in these shoes is fly mesh which is fitted to the upper of the shoes seamlessly. Because of the fly mesh, the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 is more breathable. They have introduced a full toe box to increase space for toes of the wearer.


The material used for the outsole is carbon material which increases the life of the shoe up to so many years without any damage. Those who want to perform high skilled stunts or run for miles or go for a high-profile hike, these shoes are perfect for them.


The dynamic fit technology of these shoes enables the wearer to run with much firm control over their feet. Also, they have increased the base of the shoe as compared to the previous edition to give a relaxing walk or run.


The all-new Nike Zoom Air unit present in the forefoot gives you a bounce back motion while running. The outsole is prepared with blown rubber with a waffle structure. The triple density foam used for the midsole gives these shoes tremendous support compared to others. This ensures that the midsole hardly gets tore away because of the in-layering system provided.


The most popular edition of Nike that is Nike air structure has got some modification is the 20th edition. Now the number of fire cords are changed from 5 to 2 that are directly connected to the two eyelets present. Because of this, the weight of these shoes is decreased as well as the design is improved.


The tongue is now cushioned to prevent any irritation or abrasion. The forefoot of the shoes also has fly mesh material which enhances the breathability.


The thicker lamination over the eyelets supports the overall upper of the shoes. In this structure, the bump in the arch is removed to make the ride smooth.


The Nike company continue to use their honeycomb outsole layout structure even to the 20th edition which covers the shoe from the heel to the inner side of the shoe.


A crash rail structure is used from the forefoot area to the heel counter to give smoother transitions to the shoe. There is a combination of rubber used for the outsole and midsole of the shoe. One is softly blown out rubber and other is the tough carbon rubber.


The soft blown rubber provides grip to the shoe while the carbon offers durability to the heel and midfoot area. The carbon material used for the outsole provides more strength to the shoes. whatever the outer weather is, let it be dry, moist or wet, the carbon rubber used in outsole combat all the situations easily.


This outsole offers the best friction against any surface. You can control your speed over different surfaces and weather conditions.


The outsole has a versatile material. the area around the front forefoot has the lot of flex grooves present in them which increases flexibility and cushioning of the shoe.


The foam used for the midsole of Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 is made of three times density. This foam provides stability and support to the shoe.


The midsole is like a pillar of a shoe; everything is connected with the midsole. So, Nike uses the best material for the midsole. The material used for the midsole is EVA which is injected in the moulds of the grooves present on the shoe


The three-density foam used here is present form the heel counter to the midfoot which offers a bounce back motion for any high shock. Nike calls this midsole layout a Dynamic layout. This layout wraps around your midfoot and offers a proper fitting technology.


The extended step walk can be smooth only because of this fantastic midsole. The flywire cables used for the shoes along with the laces make the lockdown support of shoe even better.


Also, the design of the midsole is low profile for the comfort and stability of wearer during any workout. The midsole is lightweight having a good lace closure system makes a phenomenon shoe.


The material used for the upper body is made up of fly mesh material. The material is seamless, and light weighted. This mesh is engineered to provide high-level cross ventilation and to support the body of the shoe.


The flymesh is used by Nike in lots of layers to make the body of the shoe very powerful and to give the structure to the shoe. The mesh also helps to keep the foot stable over any of surface.


The flywire are connected onto both sides are connected with the laces. These cables used on both sides of the shoe are meant to provide security and midfoot hold to the shoe.


The inner heel counter installed is to provide additional movements by locking down the foot. There is a removable sock liner installed into the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 to give more cushioning to the shoe.

Design Feature


The all-new Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 is currently available in different colours for both men and women that are black/cool grey/wolf grey/white. The knit mesh upper used for the upper is made up of flymesh material which gives a lot of support and breathability to the shoe.


The midsole is kept a low profile for the smooth and stable workout session. If we look on to the outer appearance of the shoe, it looks similar to the structure 19 structure. There is the difference in the functional updates that the structure 20 is having in it.


The introduction of inner straps in the structure for the proper fit is one of the most significant updates. Also, the lacing of the structure 20 is equally distributed from the middle l line as compared to other shoes. Also, in structure 20 there are only two fly wires used which are connected on to he both sides of the laces to offer support.

The shoe’s heel counter is of 8 mm drop which increases the shock absorption quality of the shoe. The series of this structure has a stable and continuous ageless design which provides a proper and durable shoe to every customer.

Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The heel drops of the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 is 8mm measure. Moreover, this drop is dynamic to offer enormous support to the shoe.


The shoe has an air unit installed new the forefoot area to provide a dynamic and smooth heel to toe transition all the time. The triple density foam used in the midsole helps to provide minimum contraction during any shock.

Fittings Feature


The dynamic support system offered by Nike for these shoes is fantastic. The midsole is made with the EVA material which is injected into the moulds present in the inner grooves of the shoe.


This provides a table midsole to the shoe. The foam used in the midsole is made with the triple density which offers much responsiveness to the shoe. These triple foam helps to absorb any shock and prevents the joints of the wearers from getting damaged.


The stability of the shoe is because of the bouncy and flexible structure of the shoe. The base of the shoe is kept wider than any other shoe to provide excellent stability and stable landing.


The foam used below the midsole supports the arch of the shoe and give a stable and smooth ride all the time. The triple density foam is sturdy enough not to get tear away easily.

Package Feature


Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 comes with a dynamic fit system which gives these shoes a standard and proper fit according to the wearer.


The flywire used for the structure 20th edition if decreased from seven to two flywire. These both cables are connected to the first two laces on both the sides. These wires support the shoe and keep the structure altogether.

Along with this, these cables provide a proper fit. The forefoot has a wider toe box to spread the toe and have a comfortable ride all the way.


The laces are distributed in an even manner to provide stability and proper fitting to the foot.

Cushioning Feature


The material used for the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 is a phenomenon. The upper body is made from the layers of engineered flymesh which offers proper cross ventilation and support to the shoe.

The midsole is made with the EVA material which is fixed to the shoe by injecting it in the mols od inner groves.


The outsole of the shoe is prepared with two forms of rubber. One is soft blow rubber which offers support another is carbon rubber which offers durability and support to the shoe from the outside.

Grip Features


Cushioning of the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 is exceptional in all the terms. These shoes have an air technology known as Zoom bag which is present under the area of the forefoot. This technology creates a bouncy back motion and creates good responsiveness whenever your feet get in touch with the ground.


The triple density foam used in the midsole provides a useful feature of shock absorption and prevent your feet from any injury.

The tongue and the ankle area are well cushioned to prevent any irritation and abrasions while running.


The landing pad used for the shoes is well cushioned with the zoom bag technology to give a bouncy movement every time you run hard or even walk. It will feel comfortable in every situation.

Grip Features


The traction of Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 is increased because of the combination of the two-rubber material for the outsole.


The outsole is made with the mixture of two rubber. One is oft blown and other so is carbon rubber. Soft blown rubber provides support to the outsole. While carbon rubber gives strength and durability to the outsole.


The groves and the textured grip pattern present on the outsole provides stability to the wearer’s foot. The design on the outsole makes sure that the shoe won’t slip on any surface.

Weight Features


The reason why the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 is comfortable and stable is its lightweight. The material is used for making this shoe is very lightweight.


It weighs only 10.7 ounces for men and 9.6 ounces for women which is very ideal and preferred the weight of running shoe.

Stability Features


The 20th edition of Nike Air Zoom Structure is phenomenon and versatile. The materials used for constructing the overall shoe is having many features in it.


The upper body is made of the flymesh material which offers great breathability to the foot and keeps the environment fresh. The grip of the shoe is fantastic because of the two-rubber used for the outsole.


The midsole provides great stability to the shoe. Overall, these shoes are great for running, hiking or doing anything.