Nike Sideline III Insert Shoe Review


  • Unmatched Comfortability
  • Superb flexible
  • Great In-shoe Feel and cushioning
  • Lace closure system
  • 12 interchangeable inserts
  • Pivot point for extra grip
  • Appealing style


  • Narrow size
  • A bit high price
  • Technology needs to be further developed

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World’s famous and influential sportswear firm Nike now has uncovered its third part of cheerleading shoes. Sports lovers will inevitably be attracted to this all-new cheer shoes which Nike is offering to them. The all-new Nike Sideline III insert shoe comes in white /pure platinum white colour, this shoe is equipped with two space with a Nike logo on the side in which you can add your favourite colour insert any time and match your team’s outfit. This new quality makes this shoe unique.



Finally, Nike has updated the well-known Sideline Insert Training shoe, which is mostly used for cheerleading, so your feet won’t get very hot in them while tumbling, toe-touching, and basket tosses anymore. Besides breathability, they also improved tongue and collar padding and made the whole look of the shoeless bulky. The Nike Sideline III features a low profile, flexibility, and lightweight cushioning ideal for a stunt-filled day. Designed in sizes for both women and kids, these shoes help to get the crowd going. You will get a smiley emotion as soon as you discover this fantastic pair of shoes by Nike.



The Nike Sideline III is the ideal cheer shoes for both sideline and competition cheer. It features a double lasted Phylon midsole, internal flex grooves and non-marking outsole making it the ultimate in flexibility, support and lightweight cushioning.  It also includes twelve interchangeable colour cards, so it matches any uniform. This what a cheerleader or a trainee needs for his/her shoes and as presented by Nike company, these shoes won’t disappoint you in any way. Its outer body is made up of synthetic leather which is sturdy and won’t get tear apart easily. This makes these shoe sturdy and can be cleaned easily.

Design Feature


The Nike Women’s Sideline III Insert is super streamlined and has a fantastic silhouette. It’s represented in bright white colour with metallic accents only, but due to changeable colour cards for the cutouts in the upper, you can easily customise the look for any uniform or your team colour. The leather upper is perforated for breathability, as well as the padded tongue, made of light mesh. Also, they have added little extra padding to the area around the ankle to provide additional support and to reduce the chance of blisters. Durable rubber outsole is not solid that allows for excellent flexibility. It also features Pivot sole at the bottom perfect for stunting at any cheer surface and quick turnings. Extra cushioning has been added along ankle areas to enhance comfortability. It has Internal flex grooves for enhanced flexibility. Has empty spaces at the logo of Nike for changing coloured insert to match teams uniform. Supportive upper having closed and traditional lace system provides security and stability at each motion. The shoe features internal flex grooves and leather insert on the arch area of the outsole that allows you move naturally in every direction.

Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The all-new Sideline III insert shoes is fashioned and tailored with the flexible and non-marking rubber sole which is way much better than any regular shoes. The Heel area is well endangered. Nike Sideline III insert shoes is a super neutral shoe. Your feet will be stifled appropriately and did not ache at all. The pump is designed low for perfect landing without any fear of falling and getting hurt.



Fittings Feature


The shoe stability is at its best, and you will be glad to know that how convenient it is to adjust the fit with just a simple button tap. The shoe gives 100% satisfaction when wearing it to versatile sports. These pair of new shoes are nicely inner groves. You will surely like the snug feel of the shoe. Every part of Nike Sideline III is regularly secured, preventing unnecessary movements during exercise.




Non-marking rubber outsole provides durability and grip on a variety of surfaces, while the most the upper is made of a smooth, clean synthetic leather material, which very durable as well. Other than rubber sole it has the pivot point at the sole which is an added feature for perfect stunting and quick turns. These shoes are made while keeping point of cheerleading in mind. These shoes have phylon midsoles which offer comfort while wearing and doing stunts with them.

Package Feature


Nike Sideline III can be declared as shoes for cheerleaders. This shoe comes with a closed lacing system which makes them super fitted while wearing. Although these shoes are narrow at the bottom making you buy one size up for the perfect fit. Has inner grooves with extra padding at sides and ankle for extra comfort and fitting.



Cushioning Feature


Materials and technologies used in this model allow for a very light weight of the shoe. When it comes to dancing and jumping, this issue becomes one of the most important factors to choose a shoe. When you’re stunting, tumbling, cheering, your feet are sweating. Nike has fixed this in the third version of Sideline for women. They have added extra perforations throughout the side of the shoe to allow for air to cool off your feet. And for the lightweight matter they have used materials with mesh-like leather used for the outer body also have mesh. This makes them breathable as well as light. So, while you are stunting these shoes won’t feel heavy upon you. You can enjoy them in any stunt.

Grip Features


Its double lasted Phylon midsole provides lightweight cushioning for cheerleading, cross-training, dancing, jumping. Extra cushioning is supplied due to extra padded tongue and collar for comfort and support. Phylon sole material features lightweight, flexibility, and good cushioning (like a well-known EVA technology does), but the Phylon is foamed twice, so it provides twice more shock-absorption and gives you a feel of walking on the clouds. It has internal grooves of pads at ankle also protects you from shock while landing.

Grip Features


Now talk about any sports, whether it be skateboarding or running or basketball activities like this involves a lot of movement, these shoes can take it all. Through that quick turns or high jumps even dancing with a lot of motion, these shoes can bear all of the things which cannot be thought off. The waffle-like designed sole is specially formulated for such cheerleading activities that require a lot of grips and hold. Although the ruts are not cut in very deep, astonishingly enough, the shoes somehow manage to surprise every-time when the mettle is put to the test.



Its pivot point is a point of rotation on the outsole of the shoe, that is great for all surfaces, indoor and outdoor, and provides flexibility as well. Pivot point attached at the end of the sole is an additional feature which makes this shoe remarkable for their performance.

Weight Features


The Sideline III shoes are designed in a way that these shoes can be light weighted. These Sideline III shoes are so much light weighted that it won’t feel to you while you are busy in your stunts. It has been crafted with the lightweight synthetic leather having a mesh that rewards for being. Also, the material of the sole unit is made up of lightweight rubber sole have a lightweight point. Its midsole is made up of phylon material which Is upper light weighted, and because of this, shoes are lightweight and flexible.

Stability Features


The Nike Sideline III have been designed explicitly for the cheerleaders who do not hesitate while spending their all amount of time on performing stunts and practising them. Talking about the Nike Sideline III, these shoes could be called the ‘shoe for stunts’ because of the unusual materials and grip added in the shoes. The Nike Women’s Sideline III Insert Training shoe is the ideal cheer shoes for both sideline and competition cheer. It’s designed with a double lasted Phylon midsole, internal flex grooves and non-marking outsole making it the ultimate in flexibility, support, lightweight impact protection and natural feel. The cherry on top is a set of twelve interchangeable colour cards for side Nike logo so that it will match any uniform. The only issue you should bear in mind is the fact they usually fit small, so you’d better purchase a half size bigger for regular foot and a whole size bigger if you have a little bit of a broader foot. To sum it up all, the Nike Sideline III is one of the best and handsomely priced cheerleading shoes out there on the market, and it isn’t for the faint-hearted!!