Prozone Hornet Running Shoe Review


– Appealing style
– Great shoes in the minimum price
– Textured outsole for extra grip
– Light weighted
– Low heal drop for better adjustment


– No cons in this price with this technology

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Prozone house has again provided us with new Hornet Running Shoes. In the Era of new technologies and development, Prozone house offers shoes full of technology at minimum prices. If we combine style, comfortableness and sturdiness of shoes what we get is Prozone Hornet Running Shoes. This shoe supports a younger, edgier design for style integration of the distinctive Prozone Shoe fashioning with athletic sneaker performance, and the Shoe is the best option for customers looking for outdoor adventures and long hauls while still maintaining an urban aesthetic. Its Lux Liner construction provides a seamless fit for all-out support and comfort when mountaineering trails and travelling city streets, and the Radical Cush outsole is lightweight and cushy for all-day comfort during long journeys. Keeping comfortableness and breathability in mind, the upper body of shoes comprises of multiple layers of mesh woven one over other. The fact is every mesh is fabricated in such a way that it does not block the air ventilation process and keep the foot sturdy as well. The colours used in the upper are black and lime that will attract runners who prefer to run at night.


Prozone shoes are no doubt full of Athlete-inspired performance construction for a seamless fit with the Mesh upper body for breathability and light weighted material. A beneficiary add-on in Prozone Hornet shoes is in the form of the cage at the back of the shoe is provided that support foot against rough trails and roads. This cage is known as HORNET CAGE. For years the work focused on foam rubber compounds like EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) and PU (polyurethane). These materials are offered to cushion, and support could be moulded and shaped. Given that the sole is the foundation of any running shoe, it is essential you have got the right stuff down where it counts. The outsole is uniquely designed and has grooved structure. This structure helps to cut the air friction while running and further supported by aerodynamic design. Thus, these lightweight, neutral running shoe provides a mix of cushion and snappy quickness for those who want every race to feel fast, but refuse to sacrifice a premium, high-cushion ride. With a “set it and forget it” goal in mind, the Prozone Hornet shoes is a neutral everyday trainer meant to perform with absolute consistency on any run, any day. Plenty of cushion and a higher-volume fit make it the perfect “Saturday” shoe for long runs. The sole is divided into multiple parts using a single line that evenly spread the ground impulse across the foot.

Prozone Hornet has a breathable, flexible mesh and structurally supportive synthetic materials used for the upper body. A closure lacing system allows the fit of the shoe to be individually adjusted and opened for ease of putting on or taking off. The tongue provides a covering over the top of the foot while allowing the lacing to change the fit. It may be attached to either the quarter or the vamp. These shoes have a puff beside of the toe cap, which is a reinforcing element inside the upper to shape the toe box.

Design Feature


The Prozone Hornet shoes are super streamlined and are elegant silhouettes. It is represented in bright Lime & Black and Blue & Orange colour. The mesh used in the upper body is sewed in layers to provide breathability, as well as sturdiness to shoes. Also, they have added little extra padding to the area around the heel counter from miner side to provide additional support and to reduce the chance of blisters. The outsole is made up of PU rubber. This outsole highly textured with different grooves and highly flexible. It has Internal flex grooves for enhanced flexibility. Also, they have supportive upper having closed and traditional lace system provides security and stability during the time of running. The shoe features internal flex grooves on the arch area of the outsole that allows you move naturally in every direction. The vamp in these shoes helps to support the foot and keeps the foot secure in the shoe. It is often made out of a breathable fabric or has perforations to allow air to flow around the foot.


Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The Prozone Hornet shoes are tailored with the flexible and rubber sole which is way much better than any regular shoes. Its midsole help to absorb any shock that can be dangerous during running or performing any sports. The Heel area is provided with a stable and sturdy structure. These shoes are the super neutral shoe. Your feet will be stifled appropriately and did not ache at all.

Fittings Feature


The shoe gives 100% satisfaction when wearing it to versatile sports. Every part of Prozone Hornet shoes is regularly secured, preventing unnecessary movements during running or performing any sports. The rubber outsole provides durability and grip on a variety of surfaces, while the midsole are highly internally grooved to provide comfort. The outsole has textured grooves which are present at different points to provide maximum grip. These shoes are made while keeping in point of running in mind. These shoes have PU midsoles which offer comfort while wearing and doing practice with them.

Package Feature


Prozone Hornet shoes can be called as shoes for runners without any doubt. This shoe comes with a closed lacing system which makes them super fitted while wearing. Also, these shoes are not narrow at the bottom making you buy the pump of your size. These shoes have inner grooves with extra padding at sides and ankle for extra comfort and fitting. These shoes have low healed drop which is an added feature in fitting.

Cushioning Feature


Materials and technologies used in this model make it a very light weight shoe. When it comes to running and doing other sports, this shoe becomes one of the most important factors to choose a pump. When you are running continuously, your feet start to sweat. Prozone has kept this issue in mind and have added extra perforations throughout the side of the pump to allow for air to cool off your feet. Moreover, for the lightweight matter, they have used materials with layers of mesh for the outer body. This makes them breathable as well as light. So, while you are running, these shoes will not feel heavy upon you. You can enjoy them in any sports.

Grip Features


Its PU midsole provide lightweight cushioning for running. Extra cushioning is supplied due to extra padded tongue and collar for comfort and support. PU midsole material features lightweight, flexibility, and excellent cushioning (like a well-known PHYLON technology does), but the PU is foamed twice or thrice, so it provides extra shock-absorption and gives you a feel of walking on the clouds. It has internal grooves of pads at ankle also protects you from shock during any strike during running. The outsole of these shoes helps in shock absorption and extra cushioning to provide utmost comfort to the runner. This reduces ankle pain and other complications.


Grip Features


Now talk about any sports, whether it be running or cheerleading or basketball activities like this involves much movement, these shoes can take it all. Through running on any surface with the sudden stoppage, these shoes can bear all of the things which cannot be thought off. The waffle-like designed sole is specially formulated for such running activities that require many grips and hold. These shoes are made up of the rubber outsole. This outsole has highly textured grooves for maximum grip. These grooves are placed in a kind of pattern to provide maximum surface grip. Its low heal drop gives you an easily adjustable shoe. You can adjust easily in these shoes like your old running shoes.

Weight Features


The Prozone Hornet Shoes are very much lightweight. While running, runners need shoes which feel light and super durable. These Prozone Hornet Shoes are so much light weighted that you will love them even while running continuously. These shoes have been crafted with the layers and layers of lightweight mesh. This mesh is sewed in the way that it provides breathability and gives these shoes a sturdy upper body. Also, the material of the sole unit is made up of lightweight rubber sole which has thin grooves. Its midsole is made up of PU foam material which is light weighted. Because of these qualities, they are light weighed shoes which are perfect for running.

Stability Features



The Prozone Hornet Shoes has been designed primarily for the runners who do not hesitate while spending their all amount of time on practising and running for their fitness or a part of sports. Talking about the Prozone Hornet, these shoes could be called the ‘shoe for runners, because of the unusual materials and grip added in the shoes. The Prozone Hornet Shoes are the ideal for running continuously or for any sports. It is designed with a double lasted PU midsole, internal flex grooves and non-marking outsole making it the ultimate in flexibility, support, lightweight impact protection and natural feel. No other company provides such light weighed, stable, breathable and supportive shoes. To sum it up all, the Prozone Hornet Shoes are one of the best and handsomely priced running shoes out there on the market which will make you fall in love with them.