Valentino Torchon Espadrilles Rockstud Leather Wedge Sandals Review


  • NO matter if it’s some of the corporate conference or a night party, Valentino Rockstuds Torchon Espadrille Wedges wholly designed to makes you the allure of the display.
  • For stud lover, it’s just the heaven swathed in a box you will love the super elegant look in this style. It also looks delightful when settled with the top holder.
  • These wedges add to the very aura of an individual while making them more appealing and well fashioned.


  • Well, of course, the price range because it’s fashionable and extremely thought-out by Valentino.
  • Might be a bit difficult for the people trying Wedges for the first time.
  • Wedges are not suitable for everyday comfortable use as they cause a lot of pressure on the foot.

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This Valentino Torchon Espadrille Rockstud Leather Wedge Sandals offer a modern take on a specific look. If we talk about a precise different of Valentino, Torchon Espadrilles Rokstuds leather Wedge Sandals, then we are talking about the sizzling comfortable designed Wedge from Valentino that is an enduring and well-made shoe that is smooth for your next event. Valentino Women Torchon Espadrilles Rockstuds Leather Wedge Sandals is a fresh new drill inspired silhouette. The creation of these wedges is so natural the single pad with its soft coating offers a snug fit around your foot, whereas the flexible strap print provides the necessary sustenance. The nude leather upper enriches breathability, and the interleaved Eva midsole create frolicsome softening with leather pods to ensure the crucial clutch for your travel. These Wedges sandals also feature a Soft Foam extravagance insert to keep your feet renewed.



Valentino updates the summer staple wedge silhouette with a signature twist in the form of these nude-beige Torchon Espadrilles  Rockstud sandals. They’re created with leather T-bar straps, embroidered with platinum-finish light gold-tone metal Rockstuds, and the midsole is made from rows of rose-pink satin rope. Slip them on with a pulsating dress for a nifty spring look. Valentino Rockstuds Torchon Espadrille Wedges Sandals crafted with smooth leather and satin. These wedges are fitted open toe, high wedge heel. Nude-beige leather T-bar straps. Platinum-finish light-gold tone metal Rockstud embroidery to these Wedges. Adaptable buckle-fastening ankle leashes. Light rose-pink satin rope mid-sole.



With Valentino’s startlingly design Wedges Sandals, you can add a stylish pre-eminence to off-duty appearances. In the interesting mishmash of Sophisticated colours with shiny naked leather strappings, these Wedges Sandals assemblies a brand engraved on the comfortable sole.


Designed in various sophisticated variants like black mesh, golden, silver and lots of iconic colours Valentino Rockstuds Torchon Espadrille Wedges Sandals feature a round toe, a high-class shoe pad and a mid-high heel. Valentino Torchon Espadrilles Wedges have their signature colour Valentino frills which harden up an then feminine shoe. These Wedges Sandals are designed by Italian designer Valentino Garavani who launched his significant notable show in 1962 at Florence’s Pitti Palace, a different scheme for his elegant collection. Extraordinary nude leather rockstuds pattern, ladylike details, gossamer-like chiffon, and an enthusiastic gloom of colours were Valentino’s symbols. Currently, Pierpaolo Piccioli nobilities the house’s legacy while cunning more up-to-the-minute traces.


Valentino shoes are famous for their sophisticated and straightforward design their stylish mid-high Wedges Sandals bring a wearer classic right active to time. The tanneries manufacture the great Downy Authentic material, provides informed fashioning leaning, While Valentino shoes also ensure super self-assurance and ultimate everyday style. The tech used by Valentino shoes will help you in possession the weight of your Wedges to an absolute position which creates a relaxed environment for your feet. By these fantastic design Wedges Sandals by Valentino, you will be able to add some wellbeing to your busy schedule day.

Valentino Torchon Espadrille Wedges for women are the Sandals that could not be called anything less than a breath-taking accord between old shoemaking with the combination of the state-of-the-art skill when it came to making somewhat out of the club. Valentino Rockstuds Torchon Espadrille Wedges Sandals are designed with expertise with the allowance of the very inflexibility of the human foot to stay close to the ground. This explicit is a pioneering product by Valentino.



As we all know, Valentino is one of the most momentous prominent lexes of dressmaking poise. Stylish, timelessness and picture-perfect extensive the brand’s gene, providing patrons with the perfect evenness between traditional artistry and an elegant scheme code. Having established a keen following since its beginning, Valentino is now under the creative direction of Pierpaolo Piccioli who familiarised young-looking vigour to the brand’s signature gowns, superior tailoring and fashionable accessories.


Beforehand ordering this well-appointed pair of shoes, you need to know our seamless size, All client questions that are Valentino Rockstuds Torchon Espadrille Wedges sandals happy? Well, these Wedges will put a smile on your face from the time you will put them on your feet. You would get the matte leather Rockstud Espadrilles in all black. In my view, the 4 inches heel Rockstuds will be supreme for the new consumers, but there is likewise a 2.5 kitten heel Rockstud Wedges with three straps that is terrific feature of this master piece.

Design Feature


Every inch of the variant is planned and shaped so finely that it is virtually intolerable to find any mistake. Valentino artistic employers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli believed that Rockstuds wedges had made a significant stimulus after the concern first introduced the Garavani Rockstuds design back in 2010. These pair of mainly designed deluxe Wedges was a vast astounds for Valentino’s customers and endures even today subsequently eight years. Afterwards, the Valentino Garavani Rockstuds were familiar back in 2010, and have more than crinkly its markets every year.



Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The peak from the heel to toe portion could not be designated everything less than an absolute luxury! Bring an exclusive feel to your footwear assortment with the Garavani Rockstud Wedges sandals from admired Italian label, Valentino. The perfect day-to-night selection, partner them with everything from pared-back denim to smart eventide corporations. Just put these sandals on and feel the style and elegance of the well-known Valentino.



Fittings Feature


Valentino crafts such type of Sandals which combines the factor of natural motion and available style. Valentino Rockstuds Torchon Espadrille Wedges sandals are designed to keep the wearer much earlier to the ground so that they can the knowledge that response from the very field beneath their feet. Indeed, a naked foot would grab the minced and spread out on the exterior, as far as it could, using up the all-inclusive space to provide solidity, firmness and control to the entire body, from the ankles, up to the hips it restructures your complete physique edifice.

Package Feature


Valentino Rockstuds Torchon Espadrille Wedges Sandals have been arranged after much inquiry and effort. It gives you the perfect fixture right from the jiffy you step into them; these sneakers have plainly been designed by bearing in mind the shape and size of a female foot. The Wedges makes you cling and keeps it tight and sturdy, with a glove-like fit, and smears less heaviness on the wearer.



Cushioning Feature


The material used in the manufacturing for Valentino wedges is unlike anything that has ever been used on any other shoe before. However, there is the option to shift from the old-style sports shoe look and move to the supreme a variant of the pump. There is not much fine-tuning when it comes to the great wrapping that went behind making this draw come into being.  

Grip Features


The inner sole of these wedges is lined with walls of better-quality modifying that makes it ideal wearable heels for the class and rock stud heels lover. The inner bottommost of the heel is padded with the pad. It gives the flawless and comfy feel to its user so you can walk all day long deprived of any jolts or torment in your feet.


Grip Features


Valentino Rockstud Torchon Espadrille Wedges sandals come made-to-order with a well-appointed and limited edition satisfied outer rubber sole that has a physical inner mandatory overdue the ankle area to keep the foot in place. The outer body is made from the Valentino’s limited publication material rockstuds gems, where authentic designs of Italy enthuse the toe and the heel section from Italy, the mid area of the heels is kept solitary from such deep ditches.  That is the exact reason what led to fitting such a perfect outer and private sole for the Wedges Sandals.

Weight Features


The torchon Espadrille Wedges Sandals are planned from a super sophisticated colour significant that hardly makes a variance in adding weight to the wearer’s feet. One could scarcely feel these shoes a few minutes next taking a promenade in a pair of these wedges. The leather that goes into making the superficial sole is also of the exciting eminence and the marvellous grade since it is ultra-lightweight.

Stability Features


Talking about these Torchon espadrilles Wedges, Well Valentino ‘Torchon Espadrilles’ wedges is a visible pair of the hot inspired ready-to-wear mixture. Announcing the brand’s signature on the top of the sole of these Wedges by Valentino was regular in Italy from flexible leather material and ornamented with exciting colours.Valentino Espadrille Wedges has made possible with the perfect mixture of methods of shoe fashioning to manufacture a masterpiece like Valentino Espadrille Wedges , this Italian brand all with determined and natural managed to create an ideal Wedges for ladies by which all they can feel is comfort, no matter how long your days lasts with this super comfy and ultra-light Torchon Espadrille Wedges by Valentino you can walk around the boulevard with elegance and uniqueness. It is up-to-the-minute and yet surprisingly cutting-edge for the human foot that acted like resultant crust.