Vans Old Skool Pro Sneaker Shoe Review

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  • Super Flexible body of the shoe
  • Ultracush HD technology for best cushioning and comfort
  • Waffle cup gum rubber sole for best grip and hold
  • LuxLiner technology
  • Duracap used for best strength to shoes


  • Expensive
  • Could have been a bit lighter

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Vans is a popular American manufacturer of skateboarding shoes, situated in Costa Mesa, California which is owned by VF Corporation.


The Vans Old Skool pro is one of the famous and new shoes from Vans. This is the new product is a classic model for skateboards lover. Built with comfort and skate-ability in mind the Vans Old Skool pro features a hybrid EVA Vulcanized outsole that makes this shoe skate tremendous and feels fantastic on your feet.


A slimmed-down silhouette comes complete with a solid suede one-piece toe and Vans Duracap underlays. Mesh panels on the interior of the shoe provide superior breath-ability while the Ultracush HD insole paired with the EVA midsole gives you all the board feel and impact protection you could need.


The Vans Old Skool Pro is a Vans classic upgraded for enhanced performance which features sturdy canvas and suede uppers, single-wrap foxing tape, UltraCush HD sock liners to keep the foot close to the board. It also provides the highest level of impact cushioning, and Van’s original waffle outsoles made of a rubber that offers grip and support.


The Old Skool Pro also includes DURACAP reinforcement rubber underlays in high wear areas for unrivalled durability. Just like The Vans Old Skool Pro, it has iconic side stripe, has a low-top lace-up silhouette with a durable suede and canvas upper with padded tongue and lining and Vans signature Waffle Outsole.


Vans, the Old Skool Pro, features Ultracush HD Technology. Ultracush HD midsole is Vans’ in-house flexible, lightweight and resistant insoles. These give you a balance between board feel and damping.


However, they not only ensure great cushioning but also reduce the weight of the shoe since the rubber parts of the sole are reduced. These shoes have foam cushioning from heel to toe moulded together with waffle rubber sole. This gives you more grip and more cushy comfort.


These shoes are made up of new material which gives these shoes extra-long life. Made up with the help of Hi-Tech production unit and highly skilled designers, they offer an exclusive collection of running shoes.


Keeping in mind that comfort is must these shoes are made of the pure and comfy material. Their upper body is made up of leather with a mesh for breathability. They comprise of multiple layers of mesh woven one over other. The fact is every mesh fabricated in such a way that it does not block the air ventilation process and keep the foot sturdy as well.


It also features LuxLiner™ technology. The LuxLiner™ is a comfortable extension of Van’s shoe tongue. It is located underneath the upper in the front area of the shoe. Because the liner moves independently from the top, it stabilises your feet inside the shoe, providing a snug fit and responsive board feel.


The material of the coating is also very breathable, which ensures proper ventilation of your feet. It has s responsive fit system. LuxLiner is a seamless inner sock that will wrap your feet giving a snug feeling. This technology makes these shoes a more comfortable and fast reacting shoes.


The Duracap Material from Vans protects and strengthens all the particularly tricky parts of your skate shoe. Thanks to long-lasting rubber layers, the reinforcements can withstand even the most robust demands. These shoes have Duracap midsole which is a sturdy rubber reinforcement to hold up your boots longer. Duracap foam around the heel area gives these shoes more flexibility and strength.


Vans Wafflecup construction has a firm hold in your shoe. The Vans Wafflecup technology combines grip and feels in the forefoot area. It is reminiscent of the classic vulcanised shoe that’s been equipped with more stability and support in the entire sole area. Because of this Wafflecup technology these shoes have a traditional control. This Wafflecup gum rubber outsole gives skates superior board feel for the ultimate power.


These shoes have internal grooves with extra padding to avoid and reduce the risk of blisters and to tear of the skin.  Thus, these lightweight, skateboarding shoes provide a mix of cushion and snappy quickness for those who want every skateboarding session to feel fast but refuse to sacrifice a premium, high-cushion ride. The outsole is uniquely designed and have grooved structure. This structure helps to cut the air friction while skateboarding and further supported by aerodynamic design.

Design Feature


The Vans Old Skool Pro shoes consist of extraordinary designed technologies. It comes in two ranges of colour that is black, white, navy blue and duck green.


Upper body is made up of layers of mesh, which is sturdy enough while skateboarding. They have added little extra padding to the area around the tongue and ankle area to reduce the risk of blisters.


The outsole is made up of waffle cup gum rubber which is highly textured with different grooves and highly flexible. Its outsole has a waffle-like structure. They are fastened by rolling the lower edge over either a washer or the underside of the material without a machine.


Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The Vans Old Skool Pro shoes are sewed with the flexible and rubber outsole sole which is very flexible and reparable. The area around is given with a stable and sturdy structure. These shoes are the super neutral shoe. Your feet will be stifled appropriately and did not ache at all.


The heal drop of these shoes is comparatively low so that you can adjust quickly in these shoes. The heal counter made up of hard and sturdy material to provide extra support while running. They have low ankle to reduce chances of blisters.

Fittings Feature


These pair of new shoes are having inner grooved structure. You will surely like the cozy feel of the shoe. These shoes are made up of waffle cup gum rubber outsole provides durability and grip on a variety of surfaces, while the midsole is made up of highly internally grooved Duracap material to provide comfort.


The outsole has textured grooves which are present at different points to provide maximum grip. These shoes are made while keeping in the position of running in mind. These shoes have Duracap midsoles that offer comfort while wearing and doing practice with them.


Package Feature


LuxLiner™ technology of these shoes is what make these shoes like your own feet. LuxLiner material used inside these shoes give you a snug feeling like you are wearing your sock. This makes these shoes super fitted while wearing.


Also, these shoes are not narrow at the bottom making you buy the pump of your size. These shoes have inner grooves with extra padding at sides and ankle for extra comfort and fitting. These shoes have low heel drop which is an added feature in joint.

Cushioning Feature


Materials and technologies used in this model allow shoes to be very light weighted. When it comes to skateboarding and doing other sports, this issue becomes one of the most important factors to choose a pump. When you are doing sports activities continuously, your feet start to sweat.


Vans has kept this issue in mind and made these shoes without this issue. They have added extra panels throughout the side of the pump to allow air to cool off your feet. Moreover, for the lightweight matter, they have used materials with layers of mesh for the outer body.


Duracap used in these shoes gives these shoes a lightweight and flexibility. This makes them breathable as well as light. The Vans Old Skool Pro shoes also have extra Air pockets in the heels which is at best for breathability.

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Grip Features


Its Ultracush HD midsole provides lightweight cushioning for running. Extra cushioning is supplied due to extra padded tongue and collar for comfort and support.


Ultracush HD midsole material features lightweight, flexibility, and excellent cushioning (like a well-known PHYLON technology does), along with this their extra padding at the tongue and ankle area. Moreover, also because of outstanding midsole while running, you have a spring-like motion and feel like walking on a cloud.


A low, padded tongue is often included for comfort. It has DURACAP midsole to provide best comforts.


Grip Features


Through running on any surface with the sudden stoppage, these shoes can bear all of the things which cannot be thought off. The designed sole is specially formulated for such skateboarding activities that require many grips and hold.


These shoes are made up of the waffle cup gum rubber outsole. This outsole has highly textured grooves for maximum grip with a waffle-like structure. These grooves are placed in a kind of pattern to provide maximum surface grip. Its low heel drop gives you a very easygoing shoe.

Weight Features


The Vans Old Skool Pro shoes are lightweight. These shoes have been crafted with the Duracap layers and lightweight mesh. This mesh is sewed in the way that it provides breathability. Also, the material of the sole unit is made up of lightweight rubber sole which has thin grooves.


Its midsole is made up of Ultracush HD foam material which is light weighted. Because of these qualities, they are light-weighted shoes that are perfect for running.

Stability Features


The Vans Old Skool Pro shoes have been designed mainly for skateboarders who do not hesitate while spending their all amount of time on skateboarding. Talking about Vans Old Skool Pro, because of the outstanding materials and grip added in the shoes these shoes are liked by most of the people.


The Vans Old Skool Pro is the ideal shoe skateboarding or for any sports. It is designed with an Ultracush HD midsole with Duracap, internal flex grooves and non-marking Wafflecup gum rubber outsole making it the ultimate in flexibility, support, lightweight impact protection and natural feel.


Skate shoes are subjected to the abrasiveness of a skateboard grip-tape on a regular basis when used for skateboarding. This is why skaters tend to go through shoes quickly. Duracap used at midsole and heel area of shoes increase the durability of a Vans Old Skool Pro.


To summarize all the things, the Vans Old Skool Pro is one of the best and fairly priced skateboarding shoes out there on the market and can make you buy more than one pair.

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