Vans Old Skool Shoe Review


– Comfortable
– Stylish
– Durable
– Versatile
– Cushion Impact


– Wears Out quickly
– Poor arch support

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The Vans Old Skool could well be called one of the most loved pair of shoes when it comes to Vans lovers.

  • The shoes are iconically designed to give the wearer a feel of the premium early classics. The colour combination plays a very good role in attracting a lot of eyes towards it.
  • The shoes are designed with much care and some of the best quality material to support long hours of wearability.
  • The Van Old Skool are designed while keeping in view the requirements of the urban wearer who loves to run around, skate, jump and move around a lot.
  • The old school debuted in 1977 as style 36 that showcased the iconic Vans side stripe. Today in its 40th year, it is as popular as ever. 
  • The shoe has ever since been a staple for artists, musicians, skateboards and the everyday urban wearer.
  • The old school has a perfect mix of the two most prominent colours-black and white.
  • While the bordering of the outersole is made from rubber. The upper body of the shoe is made from the best quality canvas available in the market. A perfect unison of these two materials helps bring out the uniqueness in the shoe which has lasted for more than 40 years now.






Design Feature


The shoe is perfectly designed for all feet types. It means that any wearer, whether they have a flat or type or a slim foot type can fit into these shoes perfectly. The upper layer of the shoe is crafted from the best quality fabric in the market. The fabric is grainy but smooth enough to provide interrupted usage of the shoe. Just shoe has a low top lace –up. And, a canvas upper part is padded with the tongue and the lining of the shoe. The rear end of the outer sole contains the Vans Signature Waffle.  The Vans Old Skool, designed in black and white is the most contrasting combination that has ever been made.  The very colour combination and placement is such that it readily appeals to anybody at the first glance.

Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The upper area of this classic skate shoe is made from a combination of durable suede and fine quality canvas that adds to the durability of the shoe. The shoe has the Vans iconic side stripe on both sides to give it a distinct look.  The shoe has a low top lace-up silhouette with the very durable canvas upper and a padded tongue and the Vans signature Waffle Outsole. The finest quality canvas is used to give shape to the shoe while leaving that streamlined effect on it when seen from the top.

Fittings Feature


The inner sole of the shoe is lined with high-comfort cushioning that helps the wearer keep it on for long hours. The shape of the inner compartment is designed so that any foot type can slip into it without a hitch.  The inner sole is added with antimicrobial properties that helps keep the shoe smell-free and your feet healthy. The owner of the shoe is designed while keeping the wearer’s comfort at first priority.

Package Feature


The shoes are fitted with cushioned lining on the inside of the ankles to support uninterrupted movement without increasing friction between the leg and the shoe. The inner sole of the shoe is padded with soft cushion anti-microbial padding that adds to the factor of comfort of the wearer and keeps the foot healthy even after a long use.

Cushioning Feature


The shoes have been designed with keeping the needs of the extreme casual wearer in mind who loves to skate, run and live. The shoes are hence fitted with retro yet modern design elements that add to the very appeal of it. The iconic white stripes have been added to both the sides of the shoe for the very same reason.

Grip Features


The shoes have been designed and crafted with extreme precision so that they stretch that extra mile without the wearer having to worry about a stitch coming off. The stitches are made with fine grade silicon fibre like threads that are strong and long lasting. So even if you play ball with these shoes on, they won’t budge!

Best use of Vans

Casual Wear,  Travel, Going Out, Skateboarding, Work.

Weight Features


In spite of being a pair of sneakers, the shoes are incredibly light weight. The Vans Old Skool are so light that a wearer might not even notice them after a few minutes of walking in them. Although shoe holds a huge chunk of rubber in the form of its outer sole, yet somehow the shoes don’t weigh more than a regular pair of slippers.

Stability Features


It could be said that the Vans Old Skool is one of the best pair of shoes that an individual could go for. Even more appealing factor is the price which undercuts other shoes at the same price category.  The reason for the same being the level of comfort and design element offered at such a competitive price.  All that went into making the shoe 40 years ago has held its ground till date.