Vans Ultra Range Gore Slip-On Sneaker Review

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  • Adjust quickly according to the feet because of LuxLiner technology
  • Mesh-like material sewed for breathability
  • Reverse Waffle cup outsole structure
  • UltraCush lite foam used on the inner side of shoes


  • The price factor is one point to consider here
  • The shoe could have use more color options
  • The rubber used could have been better and lighter

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Now, ladies, this is for you. The all-new Vans ULTRARANGE GORE is now introduced in the market just for feminine feet.


Vans can never be able to disappoint their customers, so they produce new arrivals every other day. The all new UltraRange Gore is made with the athlete inspired UltraRange to give their customers a versatile shoe. These shoes are featuring a new edition of UltraCush midsole material which offers the ultimate comfort and cushioning.


Moreover, they have an upgraded version of LuxLiner sock-fit shoe structure with jointless internal construction to reduce weight, friction and blisters. These shoes have a breathable mesh stitched for the breathability purposes and have an upper body made of neoprene fabric.


Vans UltraRange Rapidweld shoes feature water-based inks and glues, and durable co-moulded rubber mini-lug outsoles for reduction of glue and improvement of finishing. These shoe feature and comfortable slip-on design having a textile fabric known as neoprene and has a wide gore strap upper.


It is built with a sock-fit pump structure for a perfect fit. It has a new system of water-based inks and glues. It is like the aim of Vans to invent new athlete inspired shoes every time making customers astonishing about their products all the way down.


Every time for new adventure seekers, this new level of Vans ULTRARANGE GORE is well suitable. For female feet, Vans ULTRARANGE GORE shoes are fantastic.



Vans ULTRARANGE GORE now has introduced the new version of ULTRACUSH™ foam cushioning technology. This foam is joined together from heel to toe with their secret weapon that is WAFFLE rubber sole to give their customer a more comfortable and cushiony ride with the hold you want from shoes.


Their all new REVERSE WAFFLE LUG tread pattern is more grippy and robust for whenever and wherever you are trying to get to in the world.


Giving you a new edition of LUXLINER™ inner system is a jointless inner sock that wraps around your feet creating a more comfortable and faster-reacting shoe.


Their upgraded LuxLiner technology presented by Vans for the shoe tongue is just for improving the health of your feet.


It is situated below the upper in the front area of the shoe. Because the liner moves independently from the top, it stimulates your feet inside the shoe, providing a snug fit and active board feel while surfing. The material of the coating is also very breathable, which ensures proper ventilation of your feet. It has s responsive fit system.


The all-new Reverse Vans Waffle cup structure present at the outsole area has a 9tight hold in your shoe.


The Reverse Vans Waffle cup technology gives stability in the forefoot area. Just Because of this Waffle cup technology these shoes have a firm hold on any future environmental situations. This Waffle cup gum rubber outsole structure gives you a fearless and successful trip.


These shoes have internalised with grooves and extra padding to avoid and reduce the risk of blisters and to tear of the skin.


Thus, these lightweight, surfing shoes provide a combination of cushion and tremendous quickness for those who want every day to feel fast but refuse to sacrifice a premium, high-cushion ride.


The outsole is uniquely designed and have grooved structure. This structure helps to cut the air friction while surfing and further supported by aerodynamic design.


The Lugged sole used in these shoes is a classic rubber outsole made for mountaineering, hiking, surfing and all the adventures sports mainly. Because of its thick knobby tread, the commando sole offers excellent traction and weather resistance, and it has quite a chunky profile.


These shoes come in varieties of colours that are Apricot ice, Glacier Grey, Black and True White. So, ladies these shoes are the perfect example of strength and modern style.

Design Feature


Coming to design of all new Vans Ultra Range Gore, they have wide gore straps for extra strength and style factor so you can go anywhere trusting these shoes.


These shoes are tailored to best material which is having strength and durability. Only designed for the ladies who are carefree and ambitious and always go for those shoes which can never break their trust.


The Outsole structure has been designed in such a way that has the best grip, and the body from the inner side has a best-fabric system, the body from the upper side is made with best and durable material.


The midsole is made of flexible material so that the shoes cannot break easily. What else does a customer want for their feet?


Stability Feature

Heel to Toe Transition

The incredibly designed Vans Ultra Range Gore are made with the best material you can get I market. These shoes have LuxLiner technology which is provided in midsole area to gives boots a shock absorption advantage. This technology is also present in the ankle and tongue area to provide fast reaction to any action.


The Outsole area has been supplied with reverse waffle cup arrangement for the best grip and holds on any surface.


Fittings Feature


Because of reverse waffle cup gum technology, Vans Ultra Range Gore is known to be best in the grip. The material used for making outsole is EVA rubber material. EVA also known as rubber is best suited for the outsoles as it is flexible.


Also, if in case any shoes get damage from outsole area, it can be repaired quickly. This material is known to provide strength and durability to shoes as outsole is the foundation of any shoe.


The cherry on the top is that reverse waffle cup structure is present at the base to increase the grip of shoes. Because of this structure, you can go anywhere in the world from, mountain to ice and have a carefree experience.


Moreover, the midsole area is provided up with a new edition of LuxLiner technology system. This provides shoes with fast reaction performance and a shock absorption system.

Package Feature


The all-new Vans Ultra Range Gore shoes are designed with all new UltraCush lite foam to provide the best feeling while wearing them. These shoes are designed with materials that are opted to change their shape according to the feet of a person. No wonder Vans always surprise their customers.


An inner fabricated system that is LuxLiner technology is used to make these shoes fast reacting and absorbs almost every shock.


Cushioning Feature


When it comes to material choice, vans never disappoint their customers with the unreliable material. They chose best for their products, and so for the Vans Ultra Range Gore shoes.


The upper body of these shoes is made of neoprene fabric. Neoprene belongs to a group of synthetic rubbers that are produced by polymerisation of chloroprene. Neoprene exhibits excellent chemical stability and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range.


Also, these shoes are knitted with layers of mesh. This gives these shoe breathability factor. Now on this fabric, wise gore straps are present which provides these shoes strength, durability and style.


The midsole is made with best EVA material for flexibility. The outsole is also made with best double EVA material for strength and durability.

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Grip Features


The Vans Ultra Range Gore shoes contain a new version of UltraCush lite foam. This foam is improved just to give the best experience while running, jogging and doing any sports.


For the comfort and health of feet, this foam is introducing in the shoes on the inner side of the body. Also because of LuxLiner technology in the tongue and ankle area, these shoes absorb shock very fast, that you won’t notice any shock pretty much.


Grip Features


The EVA rubber material is used in the vans shoes. The outsole is made with a double layer of EVA rubber. Also, the introduction of new reverse waffle cup structure in the outsole gives these shoes best grip to any surface. The waffle cup structure and outsole rubber are moulded together with gum to improve strength and style of shoes.


Weight Features


Weight is the significant matter in shoes, everyone wants to enjoy in shoes, but if shoes are pretty much heavy weighted, nobody will prefer them. So, vans always use the light weighed material.


Neoprene fabric used in the upper body is lightly weighted which is knitted with light mesh in layers. This provides breathability as well as has less weight. Midsole and outsole are made of light weighed EVA rubber.


The inner side of shoes is provided with UltraCush lite foam which is very light in its weight.

Stability Features


The extra grip because of reverse waffle cup technology, the upgraded version of UltraCush lite foam and LuxLiner technology makes VansUltra Range Gore shoes extraordinary.


Pretty much light weighted and durable, these shoes perfect for feminine feet which are delicate from outside but powerful from the inside.


Wide gore strap is introduced for giving strength, fitting and style factor. Vans Ultra Range Gore shoes are perfect shoes at reasonable price.

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